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12 Questions From The 12s For Seahawks Safety Bradley McDougald

We asked 12s what they wanted to know about Seahawks safety Bradley McDougald. See some of his responses below to get to know the safety a little better.

We asked 12s what they wanted to know about Bradley McDougald. See some of his responses below to get to know the Seahawks safety a little better.


Bradley: "A couple prayers I pray on the field goal post after we get done warming up before we go into the locker room before we come out."


Bradley: "I love it.  It's great.  It reminds me of back home, Columbus, Ohio.  The weather is very similar, very seasonal.  But my experience here has been great and they are very passionate about their football, so I love it here."


Bradley:"Expect? I can't really say expect.  But I would love to.  This one year that I have been here has really meant a lot to me.  Great teammates, great locker room, great coaching staff, just a great organization and I'd love to come back."


Bradley: "Spending time with my family and traveling.  I like to travel as much as possible, whether it be in the United States or out of the country and just spend time with family and see people I can't see during the season."


Bradley:"I would say on the field is just the preparation for the game is how much just goes into every game.  Also, the way I watch film.  They definitely changed the way I watch film, look at the game and see the game."


Bradley:"I'm going to say Troy Polamalu.  I always looked up to him.  He was my idol coming up.  I just loved his tenacity and his love for the game.  You could tell, I never really heard too many of his interviews or heard him speak, but I just feel like his play said it all."


Bradley:"Well when I was at Tampa I had a couple different coaching staffs and one was Lovie Smith and his was a fairly similar system to what we are doing here in Seattle, but my time there, like I said, I had a couple different coordinators who did a couple different things, so it was similar depending on which coach was there."


Bradley:"It has been a great transition.  Credit Sherm (Richard Sherman), Earl (Thomas) and Kam (Chancellor)…I mean from the moment I signed, Sherm was the first person to text me but when I actually got out here in the summer, those guys took me under their wing.  We were hanging out in the summer, really trying to build a bond, really trying to get to know each other because once the season gets going and we started, we wanted to know who we were playing for and they definitely did a good job of bringing me in."


Bradley:"I'm not a dance move guy.  I like to kind of make up my thing.  I'm a viber.  I like to think of myself as a viber and I kind of just go with the flow."


Bradley:"Oh I would love for it.  No matter who is in, we always want to carry that same kind of mindset.  That stigma.  Go out there and play hard, aggressive football, run and hit.  I definitely don't want to be the type of let down or anything less than Kam, so I just want to play my game and be as aggressive as possible to try and be as productive as possible."


Bradley:"Yeah, I would love, love, love to come back.  This is just a great organization, great coaches and great things to come.  I would love to come back."


What is one thing you want to do in Seattle that you haven't done? 

Bradley:"I want to see the mountains and go snowboarding up there. I want to do something with the mountains."

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