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12 Questions From The 12s For Seahawks Linebacker K.J. Wright

We asked fans what they wanted to know about K.J. Wright.

We asked fans what they wanted to know about K.J. Wright. See some of his responses below to get to know the Seahawks Pro Bowl linebacker a little better.


KJ Wright:"Will (Weak side)… that is the playmaker position."


KJ Wright: "It is probably starting my first game in the NFL. It was the first game of the season. I was a rookie playing in the MIKE (middle linebacker) against the San Francisco 49ers and I was nervous out of my mind. But, I played very well and made some tackles.  I showed myself and the world that I can play in this league."


KJ Wright:"Kache Palacio"


KJ Wright: "I don't have one. I loved the Cowboys. But I guess if I had to pick, probably Ken Norton Jr."

"Now I can't tell my personal goals, but I will say to get one interception"

"Of course the chicken"

"That is funny. Ground beef taco I guess. Of course you've got to put the cheese, the sour cream, the hot sauce, and the lettuce on it."


KJ Wright: "We have evolved. We have grown. We have improved. There really is no difference, we have just evolved."


KJ Wright:"Let's go with barbeque chicken pizza with some onions on it."


KJ Wright:"Cooler than the other side of the pillow"


KJ Wright: "Every one of them.  Let's get it. But most specifically, the Dallas Cowboys because it's a Christmas Eve game and everybody is going to be watching."


KJ Wright:"That is tough. I love all my linebackers." 

Linebacker K.J. Wright joined Danika Brace of the Seattle Mist and several of his Seahawks teammates to host an all-around athletes kids camp at Bellevue, Washington's Robinswood Park.

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