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12 Questions From The 12s For Seahawks Cornerback Shaquill Griffin

We asked fans what they wanted to know about Shaquill Griffin.

We asked fans what they wanted to know about Shaquill Griffin. See some of his responses below to get to know the Seahawks rookie cornerback a little better.


Shaquill: "Yes, I like Seattle because it's very different from where I was raised, being from Florida. I definitely needed something different.  Definitely something I love about it is how the trees and leaves and the colors change in different seasons.  I had never seen that before."


Shaquill:"Yes and those feelings are getting a lot more stronger as the season goes on.  I definitely feel at home.  I feel like I'm supposed to be here.  I've always wanted to be a part of this type of system that Coach established in this area so yes I definitely feel at home."


Shaquill: "I listen to a lot of R&B music, preferably old school, so like Marvin Gaye or Luther Mandrill, or old school R&B."


Shaquill: "Richard Sherman helped me a lot by motivating me and just helping me understand the things that he learned as he has been in the league, so I can try and learn that as early and as quick as possible to help elevate my game."


Shaquill:"My social security number….it's the first thing that came to my head."


Shaquill: "I don't think I would feel any type of way but I just know as soon as we play him, I don't think I would talk to him at all, maybe the last two days before the game.  I don't think I would have one text message or one phone call and this is coming from a person where I talk to my brother every single day.  Right before the game, he would not hear nothing from me.

"I would move anywhere that I'm needed.  I'm always big on not being selfish.  I just want to whatever helps the team and if they need me to play center, I'll play it."


Shaquill: "Briefs.  They are just a lot more comfortable, in general."


Shaquill:"Definitely [Larry] Fitzgerald from Arizona.  He is definitely crafty and is just smart.  He just knows where to be and where to go in different situations and plays, so I definitely learned a lot playing against Fitzgerald."


Shaquill:"I'm not sure about that one.  The best answer I can give you is my mom and my dad.  They are the ones that did this, so that is the best answer I can give right about now."


Shaquill:"Oh that would be very cool actually.  It would mean the world to get a chance to play with my brother again.  You come from playing on Fridays, Saturdays and then playing on Sundays with your twin brother, that is a dream come true."


Shaquill: "Playing for Scott Frost, it was just fun.  I feel like it was a lot of love brought to that program by Scott Frost and that is something that we needed.  So the first thing that comes to my head is just having fun and finding the love for the game again."


Shaquill:"The most valuable thing is the different techniques when it comes to guarding a receiver down field that helps me stay on top and make huge plays on a receiver."

Pregame photos from the Seahawks' Week 15 game against the Los Angeles Rams at CenturyLink Field.

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