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10 things we learned from Baldwin, Bevell, Maxwell, Thomas & Wilson's Wednesday press conferences

Key takeaways from Wednesday's media sessions with wide receiver Doug Baldwin, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, cornerback Byron Maxwell, free safety Earl Thomas, and quarterback Russell Wilson.

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Day four of the Seahawks' Super Bowl XLIX media availability came prior to the team's "Competition Wednesday" practice, when wide receiver Doug Baldwin, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, cornerback Byron Maxwell, free safety Earl Thomas, and quarterback Russell Wilson were five Seahawks to meet with the press.

Below, check out 10 things we learned from Wednesday's sessions with Baldwin, Bevell, Maxwell, Thomas, and Wilson.

Doug Baldwin

1. He Nominated Two Position Groups As The Team's Unsung Heroes

The Seahawks' finished the 2014 regular season with the League's No. 1-ranked rushing attack and No. 1-ranked scoring defense. Much of the credit for those two endeavors goes to Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch on offense and the team's 'Legion of Boom' secondary on defense, and for good reason.

But Baldwin wants you to know there's two position groups that makes those two areas work as well as they do.

"I don't think they get enough credit for what they do," Baldwin said of the Seahawks' offensive and defense lines. "Our offense is the number one rushing offense in the league and our offensive line has a lot to do with that. Our defense is led by the defensive line. Everyone talks about the Legion of Boom - and now don't get me wrong that is a great secondary that we have back there - but our defensive line does a fantastic job of getting some pressure on the quarterback so that they can do what they do on the back end."

2. He Would Love To See Marshawn Lynch Win Super Bowl MVP

Baldwin said Seahawk football is all about running back Marshawn Lynch, who "means everything" to the offense.

"He is the engine," said Baldwin. "He is the heart and soul of this offense. Everything runs through him."

Baldwin said he wouldn't mind seeing the team's "Beast Mode" back win Super Bowl MVP because it would prove the Seattle offense had done its job the way it intended.

"That means that we have controlled the pace of the game," Baldwin said of the Lynch-for-Super-Bowl-MVP possibility. "We have handled it the way we wanted to handle it and we were effective in the passing game on third down, which means we sustained drives and we continued to stay on time and move the ball down the field. I think all of that correlates to us being successful of what we want to do on offense, and Marshawn wins the MVP."

Members of the Seahawks answered questions for the media on Wednesday.

Darrell Bevell

1. Arizona Is Where It All Started For Him

Bevell grew up playing football locally at Saguaro High School in Tucson, Ariz. before transferring to nearby Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, where his father was a coach.

"He is really the one who shaped me and helped me get where I am today," Bevell said of his father's influence. "I remember sitting in our kitchen watching film with him, as he was coaching even before I was in high school. Those are some of the things I remember. I remember some of the good rivalries. I remember once I went to Chaparral, going back to play against Saguaro, in those types of games. It was a fun time."

So how much sweeter would it be to win a Super Bowl in his home state?

"That would be extra special," Bevell said. "You get to share it with your friends and your family a little bit. It is right here in your back yard. Everyone gets to say, 'Yeah, I remember when he went to Chaparral.' It is really cool and exciting to be back."

2. It Is So Much Fun To Work With Russell Wilson

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has won more games in his first three years than any quarterback in NFL history. But Bevell said it's more than Wilson's winning ways that make him a joy to work with.

"It is so much fun," said Bevell. "Not only because of the skill set that he has and what he is able to bring, but because of who he is. He is a great guy to be around each and every day. He is such a hard worker and it is important to him.

"He wants to be the best who has ever done it, and he doesn't just say it. He goes about it in his everyday preparations to be able to make that happen."

Byron Maxwell

1. It Takes A Certain Mentality To Thrive In Seattle

Maxwell, drafted by the Seahawks in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, moved into the starting lineup opposite All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman toward the end of last season. Since then, he's added another lockdown, physical element to the Seahawks' 'Legion of Boom' defense. But how?

"I think it takes a certain mentality, once you get out here, to thrive," said Maxwell. "You got to be physical, but more importantly, you got to believe in yourself. You're playing man most of the time so you're out there on an island. So you have to really believe in yourself and trust your technique."

2. He Credits His Growth To Being Around The Rest Of The L.O.B.

Maxwell said the experience he's gained playing alongside one of the best secondaries in the League has been instrumental to his success.

"I've grown a lot, man," he said. "Just the way [Richard Sherman] sees the game and knows the game, because he's like a 15-year vet how he sees the game. Earl [Thomas], the passion he brings to the game every day is a true leader. He's like that one way every day. You know you're going to get Earl. Kam [Chancellor]'s leadership is a lot different from Earl's, but is needed. I learned a lot of things from him. Even [Brandon Browner], you grow a lot being around different people."

Earl Thomas

1. His Shoulder Feels So Much Better

Thomas injured his shoulder in the second quarter of the team's NFC Championship win over the Green Bay Packers, but managed to finish the game after getting fastened with a harness.

He was a full participant in the team's "Competition Wednesday" practice this week after sitting out two of the team's bye week practices a week ago.

"I've come so far," Thomas said. "I feel so much better. Each day, it's surprised me because this is my first time with the injury and you don't know what to expect. It has been just positive results from the trainers. They're doing a great job with me."

2. The Seahawks Messed Up his Record Early In His Career

Thomas, a 2010 first-round draft pick of the Seahawks, played his high school and college ball in the great state of Texas. When asked what that experience was like, Thomas told reporters about the success he enjoyed in high school in Orange, Texas and in college at the University of Texas.

"We love football," said Thomas. "We don't have any malls. We don't have anything. Football is what keeps us afloat. That's all I've ever known since I was a little kid. I only lost three games in high school. I got to college and lost two.

"Seattle then messed up my record early on in my career," Thomas added of the Seahawks' back-to-back 7-9 records from 2010-11. "That's just what Texas football is."

Russell Wilson

1. He E-Mails With Tom Brady Through A Mutual Friend

Earlier this week, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady revealed that while he doesn't have a close personal relationship with the Seahawks' Wilson, the two have been in contact via e-mail through a mutual friend.

On Wednesday, Wilson was asked to elaborate on the Super Bowl signal callers' setup.

"The mutual friend – I'm not sure if I should give that information out," Wilson said with a laugh. "But no, it's [Wheels Up Co-Founder and CEO] Kenny Dichter. I'm real good friends with him. He's a University of Wisconsin grad who I know really well, and Kenny flies Wheels Up, so that's how I know Tom.

"We've shared e-mails back and forth. The funny thing is Kenny shared an e-mail with Tom and I and then back and forth. I told Kenny, I said, 'Hey,' – this is right before the playoffs started I believe, and I told Kenny that, 'Hey, we're probably going to play Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Get ready for it.' And Tom, the day before or the same day, said the same thing. It's just funny how that worked out."

2. He Can Envision Himself Playing At A Championship Level 10 Years From Now

That should be exactly what Seahawks fans want to hear. Wilson was asked whether or not he can see himself playing at a consistent championship level 10 years from now, much in the same way that Brady has done in his tenure with the Patriots.

"I definitely can," said Wilson. "For me, I visualize success every day. I never visualize failure and I visualize being at the top every time, that's just my mindset. I never waver from that and I think that's a credit to my parents and, really, how they raised me."

Wilson said that thirst for greatness is present up and down the Seahawks' roster.

"I think the evolution of our football team just keeps rising," he said. "We want to keep getting better every time we step on the practice field, every time we go in a meeting room, every time we play a game. Our goal is to be the best and nothing less is good enough for us in our mindset."

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