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10 Questions with Tom Headlee

Tom Headlee, 31, is in his eighth season with the Seahawks, second as the defensive quality control coach.


Tom Headlee, 31, is in his eighth season with the Seahawks, second as the defensive quality control coach. He was an assistant in a variety of capacities for his first six years with the Seahawks as a coaching assistant. As the quality control coach on defense, it is his job to dissect the video of upcoming opponent's offense for tendencies , self-scouting of the Seahawks defensive tendencies, defensive playbook production and assisting defensive coordinator John Marshall in whatever other means needed. Headlee, a graduate of Washington State, is married to Deborah and they have two daughters: Kiara and Mckenna.

Headlee reluctantly responded to the following 10 questions in his unadulterated humble style.

Do you have a defining moment in football?

Earning the right to go to Super Bowl XL …I'll ever forget walking down the stairs with (linebacker coach) Zerick Rollins at Qwest Field and that stadium was just unbelievable, filled with energy and excitement.

What was your defining moment out of football?

Watching my kids Kiara and Mckenna being born was something I'll never forget.

Who was your role model?

My father Tom Headlee Sr. gets up, goes to work every day, raised three boys and was always there for us … a good man.

If you weren't a coach in the NFL, what would you be doing?

I'd be teaching high school English and history, and coaching.

What was the last movie you saw?

Superbad on the team plane

What was the last non-football sporting event you attended?

I went to Princesses on Ice with my daughter.

What was the last non-sports TV show you watched?

The last show I saw was probably the Amazing Race

What is your favorite meal?

I love to eat chicken enchiladas.

What's your favorite hobby outside of sports?

Just playing outside with my wife and kids when I'm not involved with football.

Who are the other three people in your dream golf foursome?

My father and my two brothers – Robert and Craig.

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