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10 Questions with Darren Krein

Darren Krein, 36, is in his ninth season as the assistant strength and conditioning coach in the NFL, all with the Seahawks.

Darren Krein, 36, is in his ninth season as the assistant strength and conditioning coach in the NFL, all with the Seahawks. He moved a lot as a child, but spent his high school years outside Denver in Aurora at Smoky Hill High School. A four-year starter at defensive end for Dennis Erickson at the University of Miami, Krein graduated with a degree in business management and was a fifth round draft choice of the San Diego Chargers in 1994. But he missed his rookie season with a knee injury. He was claimed the next summer by the Green Bay Packers, but he never did play for the Pack. He did train under future Seahawks strength and conditioning coach Kent Johnson, though. He played in 1996 for Barcelona Dragons of the World League, but his knee didn't hold up and he retired for good. Johnson then hired him as the Seahawks first ever strength and conditioning assistant in 1997 – not coincidentally with Erickson as head coach – for two seasons. He took two years off, then returned in 2001 and has been in this capacity ever since. Krein and his wife Jennifer have three children, their daughter Ella and sons Aiden and Kellen.

Krein responded to the following 10 questions thoughtfully and earnestly, and he made it abundantly clear that family and personal relationships are growing increasingly important to him as years ago by.

Do you have a defining moment in football?

It would have to be winning two national championships at Miami with coach (Dennis) Erickson. We won it my first year and we won it my third year. Then we played for it my senior year. Just being involved in that was really fun and then getting drafted (fifth round) by San Diego.

What was your defining moment out of football?

Getting married and being part of my wife having our three kids. All four of those experiences have molded me into who I am today, and it's ever changing.

Who was your role model?

My father passed away when I was 2, and there were some teachers in high school that impacted me. Not having a father around made it easier for me to cling and be around them more. Mike Renes was a high school teacher, track coach and weight-lifting coach. He was a great guy for me at that age. I used to baby sit his kids and I still talk to him today. He helped me out in a lot of different ways.

If you weren't a coach in the NFL, what would you be doing?

I've always wanted to be a high school teacher because impacting young people's lives is something that can be a lifelong benefit The gifts you give from yourself keep coming back to you when you do it that way. I've always shied away from it because I didn't think I'm make enough money to provide for my family the way I wanted – and I know that may be selfish. But I always hoped I could stay in the NFL long enough (for the financial suppor) to teach after that.

What was the last movie you saw?

The last one I saw was "Blood Diamond."

What was the last non-football sporting event you attended?

*It was a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala that included LeAnn Rimes as the musical guest. I am a big music fan and to see her in concert especially in such a small intimate setting was awesome.

What was the last non-sports TV show you watched?

*I watch "Law and Order," all of them. We record them and after the kids go to bed, we go back and watch them. We've been doing that ever since we've been married. *

What is your favorite meal?

I love breakfast. I love the pre-game meal we have and I always have the same thing – a veggie omelet, with egg-beaters, every vegetable they have and a little bit of cheddar cheese; oatmeal with some berries and a lot of orange juice.

What's your favorite hobby outside of sports?

I really enjoy building, fixing and tinkering around with computers. Players bring them in sometimes. I started doing it because my computer broke down one time and it was just the power supply. They charged me $120 to fix it and I found out the power supply was just $20. So I took a couple of classes at Lake Washington Technical School and got A-plus certified.

Who are the other three people in your dream golf foursome?

It would be a family outing with my dad Dean and both of my grandfathers, Aurther and Henry.

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