10/8/08 Mailbag with Mike Kahn

As the Seahawks enter this Sunday’s game with the Green Bay Packers at Qwest Field, not only are they preparing for the responsibility on the field, but off the field as well.

As the Seahawks enter this Sunday's game with the Green Bay Packers at Qwest Field, not only are they preparing for the responsibility on the field, but off the field as well.

Statistically at 1-3, they're looking to recoup their defensive intensity with the benefit of the home crowd, and find the offensive rhythm they've been seeking in the first four games. Nonetheless, the Seahawks do take the second best home record in the NFL since the end of the 2002 season into Sunday's game with the Green Bay Packers (2-3) at a robust 35-8, second only to the 36-8 New England Patriots. The Seahawks also have the best record in the NFC since 2003, at 52-32.

And coming home always seems to put things into perspective for the Hawks with the benefit of the raucous home crowd riling the defense into circumstances such as eight sacks against San Francisco in the second game of the season.

Coming off the tough defeat in New York last week, the Seahawks did get an 8-catch performance from Bobby Engram, in his first game of the season due to a fractured shoulder suffered during training camp. There also is the specter of running back Julius Jones returning to Qwest Field, where he has games of 127 and 140, respectively in the two home games thus far.

In the passing game, with Engram back, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has his favorite target of the past three seasons and keep in mind that Hasselbeck has proven to be the second most effective quarterback in the NFL at the end of each half since 2005.

Not only will the Seahawks be significant in the community on Sunday, they stepped up to the podium Tuesday – on their off-day – as well. As we have said before, the Seahawks are leading the King County United Way's campaign this year.  The overall campaign goal is $110 million which will benefit over 160 needy agencies.  The campaign has a special focus on homelessness with over 8,000 people estimated to be homeless on any given night in King County.

The organization will make numerous appearances for the campaign and Tuesday Lofa Tatupu, Patrick Kerney andDeon Grant put on a rousing performance of representing the Seahawks at the headquarters of Costco, lighting up the crowd there with their support and revealing their personal experiences to help motivate others in the process.

It tends to be too easy to ignore how committed the players are to trumpeting goodwill in the community, and the impact of this mutual admiration between players and fans does carry over onto the playing field.

Now, on to the e-mail of the week from the fans:

From: Randy


It would appear that the players and coaches both missed the boat on last week's game planning for the Giants. How could they be so far off on gauging the defensive and offensive strengths of the G-men? We were lead to believe that with a two-week break and key players returning that we might see some improvement. That was a set up for a big fall by all Seahawk fans.


Nobody is pleased by what happened last week. It was staggering in many ways because the Giants were flat-out overpowering and the Seahawks didn't respond in kind. The players in the secondary said they didn't play well and the staff wasn't happy. It will require a much better performance to beat Green Bay and they know it.

The obvious answer to what happened is also just how good the Giants are right now. Not only are they Super Bowl Champs, but they are 18-4, including 11 of the last 13 games, since starting off last season at 0-2. Thanks for writing.

Yours in sport,


From: Joshua


What about changes to the starting D-line? I heard Mike's disappointment. Why not put in Red Bryant and have him take his lumps now learning the game as a pro?


As time goes on, there very likely will be a lot of opportunities for other players on the roster, and one of them could be Bryant. He is very young, and missed nearly all of training camp following knee surgery. The last thing the Seahawks want to do is throw him in there when he's not ready physically and/or mentally. The staff will know when the time is right and if they didn't like him a lot, they wouldn't have taken him in the draft. Thanks for writing.

Yours in sport,


From: Becky,


After watching the poor performance by the Seahawks against the Giants, I was real frustrated. The Seahawks have so much talent on this team and should be able to beat any team out there. Don't get me wrong, I certainly haven't given up on them and never will, and I know they are trying their best but what will it take to fire these guys up?


Even among professional athletes, confidence is a very tenuous element. That's why momentum is so vital in every game in every sport. It's particularly obvious in football, and it's why you hear the phrase, "running downhill" so often when a team starts moving the ball well on the ground. By the same token, when a defense bottles up an offense, the running game is "running uphill." The Giants are a veteran, powerful team that got it going on the ground and took advantage of their size advantage on the offensive line. The defense can turn that around this week by making stops and creating some turnovers against Green Bay.

The Seahawks offense still is trying to find a rhythm as a result of injuries that have saddled the wide receivers, and everyone involved in the offense still seeking the tempo that has made the Seahawks one of the top offensive teams in the NFL over the past 5-6 years. Hopefully, that will begin this week and they can build on it. Once it starts to happen, the confidence will build, and momentum will take over. Thanks for writing.

Yours in sport,


From: Dupre


I must say that Seahawks don't get much love from the ESPN or Showtime – there's never much said about them. I live in Bermuda and I love the hawks so I do my best to promote and chat about my beloved team every chance I get. GO HAWKS!


Because the Seahawks playing far and away the most reclusive corner of the National Football League, the team has to be in the NFL Championship game before the national media takes full notice of what's going on up here. We're off the beaten track, so a lot of what is accomplished gets lost.

But should this team catch fire and get back into the NFC race, everybody will take notice. Until then, we'll leave it your able hands to pump up the good stuff. Thanks for writing.

Yours in sport,


From: Dave


What's your feeling about Rob Sims? I thought so highly of him in his first year but after watching closely to his performance last year it seemed he missed the most assignments and was responsible for most busted plays! Granted Mike Wahle is amazing and a huge part of the success this year but part of me wonders if it isn't also Floyd Womack at right guard instead of Sims? If Womack plays the way he has all season long do you think he'll be the starter next season and just let Sims mature another year!


Sims, like everybody else on the offensive line, had trouble getting it going last season. He had made terrific strides this season until the opening game in Buffalo when he ended up playing most of the game with a torn pectoral muscle that required surgery a few days later. He was young and needed the guidance he got from new line coaches Mike Solari and Mike DeBord. Sims was headed in that direction until the injury.

Meanwhile, the hope is that Womack does stay healthy and continues to raise his level of play as the season progresses. If that is the case, then it will set the stage for great competition next season which is exactly what the coaching staff wants to see. And the best man will win. Thanks for writing.

Yours in sport,


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