Seahawks Stories: Raible & Zorn On Steve Largent

Please welcome the Voice of the Seahawks Steve Raible and Seahawks Legend Jim Zorn to the show! Raible and Zorn join Seahawks Stories as the new hosts, and they've got stories for days. On their debut episode, they share some of their favorites about one of the best to wear a Seahawks uniform, Steve Largent. Today's show: introduction to the show (00:32), the inaugural Seahawks season in 1976 (06:59), Seahawks offense in 1976 (14:09), NFL Draft in the '70s (16:56), Steve Largent's first practice in Seattle (22:50), Steve Raible's collapsed lung (26:28), Seahawks fandom (37:51), Jim Zorn and Steve Largent's milk commercial (44:05), fans being too loud and causing game delay (50:48), and the Zorn to Largent Connection (55:49).