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The employees at the Seattle Seahawks play an important role in providing high quality sports entertainment for our customers and fans. We are an organization that has a history of providing an environment that values diversity and respect for our employees as individuals and provides opportunities for personal challenge, growth and pride. Our employees are professionals dedicated to our culture of service and guided by our mission statement in all that we do.

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Job Opening: Senior Applied Sports Scientist

Job Description

Apply advanced principles of Sports Science to improve the development and performance of professional team sport athletes. Design, implement, and execute plans to improve the development and performance of athletes by applying best practices in interdisciplinary strength training, conditioning, biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology. Research and stay up-to-date on latest developments and innovations regarding the development and evolution of sports performance data including data management software systems.  Analyze and create best practices to acquire, develop, maintain, and enhance performance of athletes, coaching staff, trainers, recruiters, and other key athletic personnel.  Assess best multi-sport practices in the elite sports performance industry to inform company’s recruitment and high performance training endeavors.  Create and present human performance training content to individual athletes, trainers, coaches, recruiters, and other key personnel to education and improve the athletic performance of individual athletes and the team.  Apply advanced concepts, theories, principles, and practices of a high performance training program to create, manage, and implement scientifically-based education and strategic policies.

Education Requirement:

Master’s or foreign equivalent degree in Sports Science or Exercise Science.

Work Experience Requirements:

6 years of progressive work experience applying interdisciplinary sports science to improve the development, strength and conditioning, and performance of major professional athletes and/or professional team(s).  Experience must be gained in connection with more than two types of professional team sports, with a minimum of two years of experience gained in each sport. 

4 years of progressive work experience in:

  • Developing, implementing, and executing performance improvement and long term development plans for major professional athletes;
  • Developing and delivering educational syllabus and policies through the application of advanced concepts, theories, principles and practices of sports science, strength and conditioning, and performance;
  • Advising major professional athletes, trainers, coaches, and executives in major professional team sports organizations;
  • Developing and using sports data management software systems;
  • Interpreting results of sports science data to develop performance plans or policies across the organization; and
  • Applying and using GPS and heart rate monitoring technology in professional team sports.

2 years of progressive work experience in:

  • Managing and directing an interdisciplinary team of strength and conditioning professionals, sports scientists, and sports medics.

Education and experience may be gained concurrently.

Position location: Renton, WA. Name of Employer: Football Northwest LLC.  Apply at or send resume to:

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