Seahawks Weekly Challenge - John Schneider

Seahawks Weekly Challenge - John Schneider


2020 Seahawks Weekly Challenge - John Schneider Intro

John Schneider's Seahawks Weekly Challenge activities this week will help keep kids activity while encouraging you all to bond with your furry family members.

What's up young 12s, this is John Schneider, General Manager for the Seattle Seahawks. Hope you guys are doing great!

I'm hanging out with my dog Charlie...We haven't seen you guys since the draft, but we have just been hanging out. I know these are odd times with all of the social distancing and everything...but we got this! For the final Seahawks Weekly Challenge we have a few activities that will get you outside.

Weekly Challenge - John Schneider


Meditation With Blitz

Dr. Gervais, High Performance Psychologist/Co-founder of Compete to Create, and John Schneider challenge kids to try a mindfulness meditation that will help calm your mind from the busyness of our everyday lives demonstrated by Blitz.


NFL Flag Agility Drills

NFL FLAG gives young athletes of all skill levels the opportunity to learn, play and, most importantly, have fun and enjoy the game of football. This week John Schneider challenges kids to try out some fun agility drills that anyone can do right at home to stay active and moving.


Seahawks Dancers TikTok Challenge

Seahawks Dancers Laura and Phi are here to help your kids move and groove this week. From the locker room to your bedroom dancing is something everyone can enjoy, so pick a song and try out the below routine. Hint: You may have to practice a few times to nail it.