Seahawks Weekly Challenge - Jacob Hollister

Seahawks Weekly Challenge - Jacob Hollister


2020 Seahawks Weekly Challenge - Jacob Hollister Intro

Jacob Hollister's Seahawks Weekly Challenge activities this week are focused on getting in tune with your musical talents.

What's up 12s, this is tight end Jacob Hollister. Hope you guys are hanging in there during this time, I know it is a weird time for everybody...Hope you guys are finding ways to spend your time with your families and kids.

As we continue to do these Seahawks Weekly Challenges, I to challenge you guys to play some music this week. My brother taught me guitar 2 years ago, and I have been playing ever since then. If you don't have an instrument just grab some pots and pans, make some beats and have some fun with it!....Play some music, have some fun, stay home, stay safe. Thank you guys for being 12s. Go Hawks!


Meditation With Seahawks Dancer Madi

Dr. Gervais, High Performance Psychologist/Co-founder of Compete to Create, and Jacob Hollister challenge kids to try a kaleidoscope mindfulness practice as demonstrated by Seahawks Dancer Madi.

Watch the Drum Lesson

Drum Lesson with Blue Thunder

Are you ready to form your own drumline? Grab a few pots and pans from the kitchen and a few members of your family as Blue Thunder teaches you some basic drumline beats that will get you in the gameday spirit.

Watch the Performance

Blue Friday Special Performance

12s, your favorite drumline is here to get you pumped up for Blue Friday. Enjoy a special virtual performance from Blue Thunder just in time to practice those musical skills from this week's drum lesson.