Seahawks Weekly Challenge - Cliff Avril

Seahawks Weekly Challenge - Cliff Avril


2020 Seahawks Weekly Challenge - Cliff Avril Intro

Cliff Avril's Seahawks Weekly Challenge activities this week will focus on looking out for one another including your family, friends, and fellow 12s.

What's going on 12s, Cliff Avril, Seahawks Legend here. As a dad of two trust me, I know the struggles of staying at home all day.

So I am here to remind you this quarantine is also an opportunity for us to look out for one another.

For this week's challenge, I encourage your kids to practice an act of kindness, but from a distance.....Show your gratitude and be safe 12s!


Meditation With Boom

Dr. Gervais, High Performance Psychologist/Co-founder of Compete to Create, and Cliff Avril challenge kids to a gratitude mindfulness practice this week as demonstrated by Boom.

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Workout with Seahawks Dancers Hannah and Jon

Seahawks Dancers Hannah and Jon are here to keep your kids active this week. Join the fun with this kid friendly at home workout video challenge.

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Character Playbook

An innovative digital learning experience using evidence-based strategies to educate students on how to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during their critical middle school years. Free thanks to the Seahawks when you use code "seahawkscp".