Reserve Your Tickets

Season Ticket Holders have first right of refusal to purchase their season ticket location for all potential playoff games. If you have not yet reserved your playoff tickets please visit Account Manager at, select your Playoff invoice and enter the credit card you would like to use. Once a home playoff game is confirmed, we will charge your card for that game. The deadline to secure your seats is Friday, December 6th.

To confirm a valid credit card, we will process a $1 refundable fee to the payment method assigned to your Pay-as-we-Play plan. We will notify you if there are any issues processing this charge so you can update. If you need to review or update your payment method you can do so now through Account Manager.

If you reserved your tickets during renewal or prior to the season, your regular season pricing is locked in for a potential Wildcard game. By signing-up for the "Pay-as-we-Play" plan, you agree and commit to purchase tickets for two potential home playoff games. Such agreement and commitment to purchase is non-cancellable and irrevocable once you sign-up.