Seahawks Gameday Posters

2019 Seahawks Gameday Poster Series

Seahawks Gameday Poster Series

The Seattle Seahawks partnered with the Ames Bros to create unique gameday posters from Seattle artists, the program raised over $60,000 for Creative Advantage.

Supporting The Creative Advantage Foundation

All proceeds from poster sales will benefit The Creative Advantage Foundation, which helps provide high quality arts education equitably across the Seattle School district.
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Seahawks vs Packers

About The Artist: Coby Schultz

Coby is a founding member of the local design shop, Ames Bros. Known for their hundreds of intricately detailed rock posters and Grammy-nominated album art, Ames Bros has been creating award-winning designs in Seattle for the past 25 years for local favorites like Pagliacci Pizza, Pearl Jam, Ride Snowboards, Nike, MoPop Boeing and more.

Game 17: Seahawks vs 49ers

Game 17: Seahawks vs 49ers

About The Artist: Shawn Wolfe

Shawn Wolfe is a graphic artist who has called Seattle home for thirty years. His poster designs, music packaging, illustration and artworks have appeared in numerous design books, magazines, and art exhibitions. His brand identities have shaped the public images of such Seattle institutions as Rudy's Barbershops, Ace Hotel, Town Hall Seattle, Proletariat Pizza, and his own going concern Gross National Products.

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Game 16: Seahawks vs Cardinals

About The Artist: Jeff Kleinsmith

For over 25 years, Jeff Kleinsmith has been Sub Pop Records' Creative Director, co-owner of Patent Pending Design and New Rage Records, and former art director at The Rocket Magazine. All the while, making hundreds of posters and album covers for as many bands. Kleinsmith's work has appeared in numerous design books and magazines, and in various gallery shows, and has work in permanent collection at MoPop and The Rock and Roll hall of fame.

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Game 13: Seahawks vs Vikings

About The Artist: Barry Ament

Barry is a season ticket holder (308 CC) and founding member of local design shop, AmesBros. Known for their hundreds of intricately detailed rock posters and grammy-nominated album art, Ames Bros has been creating award-winning design in Seattle for the past 25 years for local favorites like Pagliacci Pizza, Pearl Jam, Ride Snowboards, Nike, MoPOP, Boeing and more.

Game 9: Seahawks vs Buccaneers

Game 9: Seahawks vs Buccaneers

About the Artist: Gnartoons

Gnartoons (AKA James the Stanton) is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Seattle, WA. James' work has been featured by publications such as BusinessWeek, Thrasher, Seattle Weekly, Adventure Time, The Stranger, and The Atlantic among others. A large book of his collected comics work will be released in the spring of 2020 from publisher Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, the book is named "Gnartoons".

Game 4: Seahawks vs Ravens

Game 4: Seahawks vs Ravens

About The Artist: Stacey Rozich

Stacey Rozich is an artist, illustrator and muralist. She constructs vignettes in watercolor that combine elements of folklore, medieval religious iconography and American pop culture. Her storybook world is brought to life through lush patterning, symbolism, and nostalgia. She was born in Seattle and now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Game 3: Seahawks vs Rams

Game 3: Seahawks vs Rams

About The Artists: Don & Ryan Clark

In the beginning … there was passion, manifested only as doodles in the margins of school text books. From very early in our childhood, we knew exactly what we wanted to do with our lives. This passion, though possibly unrealized at the time, was not altogether arbitrary. Our grandfather, Alfred Paulsen, had been an illustrator throughout his entire professional life- 28 years of which he spent at NASA. Additionally, our father devoted a good deal of his spare time in the home workshop, crafting perfectly executed woodworks in the form of furniture, toys and various other goods. The desire to create, and the potential to do it with precision and imagination, was simply ingrained in us.

Game 2: Seahawks vs Saints

Game 2: Seahawks vs Saints

About The Artist: Coby Schultz

Coby is a founding member of Ames Bros, an illustration and design company famous for their work with iconic NW companies. Ames Bros is renowned in the poster design world for their work with artist such as Pearl Jam and Metallica.

Game 1: Seahawks vs Bengals

Game 1: Seahawks vs Bengals

About The Artist: Preston Singletary

Preston Singletary is a renowned glass and metal artist whose artworks are known for featuring themes of transformation, animal spirits and shamanism through elegant blown glass forms and mystical sand carved Tlingit designs.

How To Purchase A Gameday Poster

Mobile App

  1. Open, update or download the Seahawks Mobile App
  2. Go to the "More" section located on the bottom panel
  3. Click "Purchase Experiences" and begin to input your information.

Mobile Website

Navigate to and register with email and phone number.

Note: Instructions on when/where to pick up your poster will be emailed to you after your purchase has been made. Posters will not be mailed; you must pick them up at the designated pick location on gameday or starting the day after gameday at the CenturyLink Pro Shop location. If you are picking up your poster after gameday you must pick up your poster within 7 days.

How To Purchase A Platinum Gameday Poster

An additional 12 "platinum" versions of the posters, featuring enhanced paper and printing techniques, will be sold through the Seahawks auction site the day after each game and shipped to purchasers.

Visit the day after gameday to place your bid on one of twelve Platinum Gameday Posters. Auction will end one week after the start of the auction.

Note: Platinum Posters will be mailed to each purchaser within 7-10 business days after the close of the Auction.

Poster Creation

Seahawks Partner With Ames Bros To Design Gameday Poster Series

The Seahawks have partnered with renowned Pacific Northwest artists Ames Bros to curate the collection and select the artists to design the posters. All proceeds from poster sales will benefit The Creative Advantage Foundation.