Get The Sea Gals Look

A team of professionals help ensure the Sea Gals look their best on gamedays. You can get the Sea Gals look by visiting one of the squad’s official partners including: Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, MAC Cosmetics, Peavey Hosiery, Gold’s Gym Northwest, GTM Sportswear, Seattle Sun Tan, and Urban Float.



The Make Up - MAC Cosmetics

"As a Sea Gal, I am so grateful to have MAC Cosmetics as a sponsor, as they make us look beautiful both on and off the field! I am an avid user of all their products whether it's a simple moisturizer on any given day or our signature Girl About Town lipstick on game day and everything in between. Also, their artists have always been so helpful to us by getting us glam behind the scenes, or sharing their product knowledge with us when we visit in-store. Thank you, MAC Cosmetics!"

Sea Gal Monica

The Tan - Seattle Sun Tan

"Seattle Sun Tan is the perfect place to go to achieve the best game day glow! With the help of their team, I've found the right products and the right techniques to look and feel my best and be confident on game days, at practices, for different performances in the community and everything in between. On top of helping me achieve a natural tan, their red light therapy beds are great for my skin and I always feel rejuvenated walking out of their doors. Thank you Seattle Sun Tan for making every experience in any of your multiple locations so seamless and easy!"

Sea Gal Hailey

The Hair - Gene Juarez Salon & Spa

"Every trip to Gene Juarez Salon & Spa is a relaxing little get away. A huge part of the Sea Gal’s look is the hair, skin and nails! When you go in for any service you are greeted with coffee or tea, then you meet with your specialist for a briefing of the look you would like to achieve. The Sea Gals look is voluminous hair that moves effortlessly while we dance. The colorist is so delicate and particular with the application of your color or highlights. And the designer cuts perfect layers that frame your face. They give great styling tips and always have tricks for achieving more volume! The nail artists have mastered the perfect shellac manicure. The Sea Gals nail color is a classic pink or French tip. My favorite color at Gene Juarez is Satin Pajama and it will last for weeks! With all the sweat and make-up we encounter, it is important to keep our skin clean and hydrated. The skin care therapist creates a facial based on your skins needs to improve your complexion. They also provide you with an at home skincare routine to keep up the work in between your facials! I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Gene Juarez for my hair, nails and facials- they are amazing!"

Sea Gal Jessica

The Body - Gold's Gym Northwest

"As a Sea Gal, maintaining a healthy weight and physique is imperative not only for aesthetic reasons, but also is required to be able to make it through four quarters of a football game! Through our scheduled rehearsals and team practices, we are able to maintain a high level of endurance, but Gold’s Gym helps us out with the rest. Whether I’m wanting to swim laps in the pool, lengthen my muscles with yoga, or do toning exercises with the free weights, Gold’s Gym has everything I need. I personally love their group fitness classes – the environment is welcoming and fun, and their workouts are always a challenge. As a Sea Gal, we have access to three of their locations here in the Seattle area, which is extremely convenient, and never gives us an excuse to not go. Thank you Gold’s Gym for everything you offer us, you’re the best!"

Sea Gal Bronwyn

The Mind - Urban Float

"Going into my 8th season as a Sea Gal, it is even more important that I focus on my bodies recovery as well as conditioning. Urban Float has been the answer I’ve been searching for. I originally went in for the physical benefits that it provides but left loving the mental benefits as well! Not only has floating helped relieve my body of chronic back pain but it also keeps overall stress down. I would highly recommend Urban Float to anyone suffering from physical or mental stressors. Floating has been a game changer for me. It has not only allowed me to continue doing something I love, but has also made my day to day life more enjoyable and pain free."

Sea Gal Kelsey P.