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Play 60 Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age requirements for this program?

The target audience is students in grades 4-8.  We leave it up to your school to determine the best fit.

How many students at my school can participate?

While we do not initially cap the number of student participants, we do ask that you register certain grades and not the entire school.  We do our best to fulfill each request based on the number of resources available.  We will determine if we need to limit your request after the registration deadline.

Will players visit my school?

The Play60 Challenge does not include a player visit.  To request a player visit, please fill out this Play60 Tuesday interest form or one of these appearance request forms.

When does the Play60 Challenge start?

We offer a 2 month window to run the challenge. Sites can begin the program the first week of March and must finish the challenge by May 1st. All data must be entered into the NFL site by May 8th, 2017.

How do I register?

Submit your interest through the Seahawks registration page. After the Seahawks registration deadline, you will be contacted with information on how many participants your site is approved to register with the NFL.

How do I incorporate this program into the curriculum at my school?

We give you flexibility to run the program in a way that works best for your school.  A few suggestions:

  1. Run the program during gym class and assigning participants “homework” minutes to reach 60 minutes a day works well.  
  2. Incorporate the program into existing activities before or after school.  (An extra-curricular jogging club or dance group)  
  3. The materials we provide suggest a few minutes of exercise at the beginning of class; requiring participation from every teacher in the school. 

What is required of me if we participate?

Administrators will assign a program lead for communication purposes and we will notify leads of all requirements and deadlines. If you are a parent, please provide a contact at your child’s school (this is required when you register.)

What is required of the Program Lead?

  1. Register your school with the NFL and confirm that each teacher or administrator registers under your school.

  2. Ensure the program runs during the allotted timeframe (4 weeks total from March 1st-May 1st).

  3. Monitor student participants and ensure they are tracking fitness hours

  4. Monitor administrators to ensure they are entering the minutes online.

How do I access materials to run the program?

The Seahawks will allocate materials, including Teacher Guides, Student Tracking Planners and incentive prize packs, to each school after the registration deadline and schools should expect to receive those via mail in late February. Reporting information and communication will be sent via e-mail. Online resources are available 365 days a year and we encourage you to access these and incorporate the Play 60 movement into your year-round curriculum.

Where can I access online resources?

You can download information by visiting The American Heart Association’s website.

What is included in the prize pack?

Each participant will receive one (1) item as an incentive to participate and develop healthy habits. This year schools will receive Play 60 t-shirts, bookmarks, pedometers and sling bags. We leave it up to you to decide the best way to use those items.

How much money is available to my school through fitness equipment grants?

$3,000 is available to the top 5 sites. ($1,000 for the top site and $500 to 2nd-5th place.)

How are the top schools determined?

We look at two different scores. 

  1. Percentage of students completing the challenge. 
  2. Average activity minutes per student.

I still have questions.  Who do I contact?

Please contact , Seattle Seahawks Community Outreach with any questions.