CenturyLink Field

In 1996, Paul G. Allen obtained an option to purchase the Seattle Seahawks and launched a campaign to win public support for a new world-class football/ soccer stadium and exhibition center. Six years later, the dream became reality as the Seahawks opened the 2002 preseason against the Indianapolis Colts in new Seahawks Stadium, renamed Qwest Field in 2004 and CenturyLink Field in 2011.

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The Seahawks moved into the 200,000 square foot waterfront facility in August 2008. Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC) is the second-largest facility in the NFL.  The property is bounded by I-405 to the east, Lake Washington to the west, residential property to the north and 44th Street to the south. The facility is situated on 19 acres of industrial property.

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The Kingdome

The Kingdome was originally located on 35.9 acres. Due to construction of the new parking garage and event center the acreage is now 23.9 acres.

The Kingdome had the largest concrete roof in the world - 7.85 acres. A new roof and ceiling was completed in 1994. The new ceiling had improved acoustics through the use of a spray on cellulose material.

The building itself, contained 52,800 cubic yards of concrete and 443 tons of structural steel.

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