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Max Unger: Pretty much the biggest Ducks fan ever

Posted Aug 9, 2012

Seahawks center Max Unger depicts his passion for Oregon football and offers his two cents on the Pac-12 football season.

Last night after our walkthrough and meetings we went Thanksgiving-style at dinner here at VMAC with a little turkey, mashed potatoes, some stuffing, and cranberry sauce. I didn’t do too much after dinner, just went back to the hotel and watched a little Olympics.

I was able to catch some beach volleyball – Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings took their third gold medal in beach volleyball. That was very impressive. After that I caught a little bit of the 110 highs and found myself passing out by a solid 9:30 p.m., maybe a little bit later.

I know people like to hear what we do in our free time during training camp, but the truth is there is very little free time in camp, even with the new CBA. The free time that you do have in camp you pretty much just spend off your feet. You’re not really doing anything else – its total football mode.

I like to just chill out on the internet for a little while in my free time and see what my Ducks are up to. I’m pretty much the biggest Oregon fan ever. We’ll see about this year. I’m going to try to go down and check out one of their games this year. I think we get a little three-day break after our last preseason game against the Oakland Raiders, so I might try to get down there and check a game out. It’s probably the only game I’ll get to see in person, so I’ve got to take advantage. They play Arkansas-State that weekend and because of our schedule this year I think that’s the only game I’ll be able to get to.

I like the Ducks chances of taking the Pac-12 North division this year. I think USC is probably going to take the South division – they’re obviously going to be the team to beat this year. They’re going to be tough.
I know the Ducks have the Cougars up here at CenturyLink Field, but unfortunately we’ll be on the road against the Rams. And then I believe they play the Huskies at home in Eugene, so I’ll miss that one, too.

That game against the Cougs would be a cool game to see. I’ve been trying to read up on their new coach, Mike Leach. I was actually at this golf tournament a while ago and I was sitting behind one of the O-lineman from Washington State. He was telling me some pretty interesting stories about their new coach. I think coach Leach has got a pretty set coaching philosophy that he sticks to and that he’s had a lot of success with, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do out there in Pullman.

The one thing I’m looking forward to this Saturday against the Titans is the tempo – the tempo of a live game. We’ve kind of gone through the progression from helmets to wearing shells, to wearing pads and then full pads, and then to a full-on scrimmage. So obviously the next step is a preseason game tempo. These games we play to win, but it’s also time that we get to work on our game. That is the luxury of the preseason. We get to go out there and execute in a game situation, so that’s what we’re trying to do – good procedures, run the ball effectively, and get a couple touchdowns.

It’s usually the case right now where everybody would be itching to start hitting somebody besides their own teammates, but the camp structure is just so different this year with the new CBA that we don’t really hit that much anymore. So I haven’t really gotten sick of going against our defense just yet.

We’ve got meetings coming up here this afternoon and a walkthrough scheduled for this evening, but one last thing I’ll say is that the fans that came out to practice today seemed fired up. Football, and especially the NFL, is something people just can’t get enough of. I think we’ll have a pretty good showing this weekend. I know the 12th Man will be out in full force and we love seeing you all out there.