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Max Unger: Olympics enthusiast; food connoisseur

Posted Aug 8, 2012

Seahawks center Max Unger talks London's 2012 Summer Olympics, game planning against Tennessee, and compliments the chefs at VMAC on a job well done.

After our walkthrough and meetings Tuesday night we went pretty hard at dinner. We had some crab legs with some chicken and potatoes, which was awesome. That was here at the VMAC – our kitchen guys are awesome. They hooked it up with that. After the walkthrough and dinner finished up I had a massage scheduled back at the hotel – it killed me.

After the massage I went back up to the room and started getting into the playbook a little bit. We started to get into game planning for Tennessee. Russell [Okung] walked into my room moping and looking for friends. Too funny. I had to kick him out though because I was trying to do my job, trying to study. It’s just a little bit different day with the new CBA – more time to rest, more time to study.

After that I watched some of the Summer Olympics. One of my wife’s friends is running on one of the track relay teams, so I try to keep up to date when she’s running and when that schedule comes out. But there’s a bunch of University of Oregon guys up there that I try to follow – Ashton Eaton does the decathlon. That event didn’t start last night, but some of the girls I like to follow too, I like to watch them compete in track.

Today I woke up and got the day going again, day 10 of practice. We got into game planning against Tennessee a little bit more. We did a couple scout periods where we carve the defense with what Tennessee runs. So we got into that a little bit. It was a pretty standard ‘Competition Wednesday’ type of thing around here, which actually occurred on a Wednesday for once – that’s kind of rare during preseason. But guys were competing out there, it was good. There was some pretty nice cloud cover and it wasn’t too hot. I signed some autographs for fans on my way back into the locker room and called it a day on the field.

Even Russell Okung was out there signing autographs today and doing a couple media interviews. Little kids were calling out his name. I think Russell is weak for making the little kids happy – he just can’t walk away.

Tonight after meetings and walkthrough my plan is to just head home and eat some cheesecake. One of my friends made me some cheesecake as a congratulatory gift for getting my new contract with the team, so I’ve got that going for me. A pretty eventful night I’d say.