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Golden Tate: Pads and hits come out on Day Three

Posted Jul 30, 2012

Wide receiver Golden Tate gives his take on the first padded practice of the 2012 season, and describes his competitive friendship with 'Hawks long snapper Clint Gresham.

Myself, [Clint] Gresham, [Steven] Hauschka, Sidney [Rice] and [Carson] Wiggs all played H.O.R.S.E. yesterday after practice. I was the first one to get put out. I’m not exactly a basketball player. I like to do the more obscure sports, like ping-pong, cornhole and stuff like that. The game of H.O.R.S.E. ended up coming down to Hauschka and Gresham and Hauschka won, so the specialists beat the receivers.

And about those specialists – Gresh really wants me to play him in foosball, but I’ve never even played the game before. I’m not big on setting myself up for failure. I want to play something I can at least compete in because I hate losing, so I’ll have to practice a bit before I accept the challenge. But on the flip side, Gresh wouldn’t meet me on the ping-pong table, either. He knew better. Gresh is a good dude, though. He’s funny and is definitely a positive minded person. His relationship with God is great. Any time I want to talk to him about any problems I’m having in the bible or understanding anything he’s definitely the first person I’m going to go to. He’s been very helpful.

I was pretty tired after practice and meetings yesterday, so I didn’t get into too much at the hotel. I just hung out with Sidney [Rice] and [Jermaine] Kearse a little bit and then called it quits. I hopped in my hyperbaric chamber and slept in there for about an hour and a half, got in my bed and the next thing I knew it was a new day.

Today was the first practice in pads of the season. I thought we went out and practiced hard, executed the plays well. It was different because we hadn’t been in pads since our last game of last season, so it was definitely a good feeling being out there with uppers on. It was exciting because with pads on you get the feeling that you’re closer to the season and closer to some game-action.

With the pads on those guys out there were hittin’ hard today. K.J. Wright had a few nice hits, including one on a receiver over the middle. It was fun – it was football. As receivers we expect to be hit, especially when you’re running over the middle. It was fun to see the trash-talking afterwards between K.J. and the offense. Robert Turbin got his ‘Welcome-to-the-NFL-hit’, too, but that’s a big boy so he’ll be all right. My first ‘Welcome-to-the-NFL-hit’ came against the Green Bay Packers in a preseason game my rookie year. I caught a slant and as soon as I caught it the defensive guy took my head off – I couldn’t move my neck for two weeks. I definitely remember that one.