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Bobby Wagner: Camp life; NBA analyst; Turtle Power

Posted Aug 10, 2012

Rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner shares his camp experience, dissects the Los Angeles Lakers trade for Dwight Howard, and tells us about his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles infatuation.

The transition to the NFL is going well. I’m still trying to learn and pick up on the defense and know it like the back of my hand, but I feel like I’m progressing from day one until now.

The move up to Seattle has been pretty smooth. I haven’t had too much time to get out into the city and look around, but I’ve been enjoying the weather – I don’t know how long it’ll last, but it’s been nice. I love my teammates out here, love the facility and I’m enjoying myself.

There’s not too much rookie ‘hazing’ going on – I’ve had to carry some of the veteran’s shoulder pads, grab them water and Gatorade, but that’s about it. It’s nothing too major.

With what little free time we do have in training camp I honestly just try to catch up on my sleep. But besides that, I like to go over my plays, dig through the playbook, and try to pick up on anything I messed up on.

I do like to play a little video games when I can. I’m a big NBA 2K12 fan and I like to play a little Madden and Call of Duty. My teams in those games are the Lakers and Seahawks. I like to play people online.

About those Lakers…that’s a great trade for Dwight Howard that went down last night. I feel like that’s all the Lakers really needed was a big man to put them on top. We had Andrew Bynum, but he kind of showed up whenever he felt like it, so I definitely feel like Dwight is going to add something to the game and help Kobe out. We’re about to give the Miami Heat a run for their money now.

Yesterday I heard that my teammate Michael Robinson called me a ‘mini-Patrick Willis.’ That’s a huge compliment. I’m nowhere near where Patrick Willis is right now, but hopefully I can get there soon. Willis, along with Ray Lewis and a lot of those guys, are guys who are making a lot of tackles every year, so I try hard to just take what I can away from what they do on the field.

A lot of you may have heard about my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle obsession. That’s something that started when I was a kid. It was always on T.V. and my family always bought me Ninja Turtle stuff, so it kind of grew on me. I think they thought I would have grown out of it by now, but I still love it, so I’m going to keep it rolling. My favorite turtle is Raphael. I like that he’s got that red bandana, the sarcastic attitude, and his personality – it’s rough, aggressive, and angry. That’s exactly how you’ve got to be as a middle linebacker.

In tomorrow’s game against the Titans I’m just looking to have fun. I’m going to enjoy running out of that tunnel as a Seattle Seahawk and hearing all the fans scream. I’m just going to take it all in, and take it one play at a time on the field.