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Wounded Warrior announces Seahawks 4th-round pick

Posted May 1, 2012

Jefferey Sinchak, a loyal Seahawks fan and Wounded Warrior, was selected by the Seahawks to announce the team's 2012 fourth-round draft pick at Radio City Music Hall during the 2012 NFL Draft.

Jefferey Sinchak was chosen by the Seahawks to announce the team's fourth-round draft pick at the 2012 NFL Draft. Below is the story he submitted in hopes of being chosen:

I joined the Navy in July 1984 because I wanted a sense of purpose and adventure. What I found as a Hospital Corpsman and Navy Diver was a deeper sense of duty to my country, to my fellow warriors, and to the needs of people around the world.

As a member of various Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Naval Special Warfare teams, I served in Operation Southern Watch (1993-94), Operation Restore Hope (1994-95), and Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-04). Throughout it all, I suffered a number of service-connected injuries, including a gunshot wound, an arterial gas embolism, decompression sickness and two broken feet, one of which required several reconstructive surgical procedures.

I achieved the rank of Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman (Diver) during my 24-year career.  My service took me to many parts of the world and included assignment as an Independent Duty Corpsman attached to the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team, where I established a combat medical treatment facility in Al Taji, Iraq, and treated those injured in combat. This facility continues to treat the injured and dying in Iraq today.

Today, with my family, and fellow alumni of Wounded Warrior Project, I continue to manage the effects he experiences from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  I credit my family, fellow warriors, and organizations like Wounded Warrior Project for helping him to evaluate the dark days of my trauma and move forward with my “new normal,” giving him hope for tomorrow and the courage to continue caring for others.

Our family has been Seahawk season ticket holders for several years, and we are loud and proud members of the 12th MAN fan base.  We have endeavored to help fellow warriors attend games, in order to help them experience the fun and thunder of the game and the inspiring roar of the 12th MAN chant "SEA-HAWKS" as we continue to boast the exploits of causing the most false starts in any NFL stadium.  We believe that football offers opportunities to make new friends, find something to celebrate, and find opportunities to face some of the challenges associated with combat related PTSD.

The opportunity to attend the NFL Draft, and carry the 12TH man flag in New York, while representing the thousands of wounded warriors and loyal Seahawk fans would be a pinnacle moment for this family, and help demonstrate the support the Seahawk organization provides to our nations veterans and wounded warriors.  Most importanltly to me as a father, it would demonstrate to my sons, the fact that there are other organizations that help honor and empower wounded warriors, and perhaps provide them a glimpse of the hero I have tried to be for them and others.

I have attached a couple of pictures to help show the 12th Man spirit of this warriors family.

Thanks for the consideration.


Doc Out
Jefferey "Doc" Sinchak

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