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A Familiar Foe

Posted Oct 31, 2012

Wide receiver Sidney Rice stops by Hawk Mail to talk about what it will be like to go up against the Minnesota Vikings - his former team - this Sunday at CenturyLink Field.

Going up against my old team in the Minnesota Vikings there really isn’t any extra motivation like a lot of people would think. I say it’s the same thing week-to-week for me as far as motivation to play this game and to get the win. I’m just excited to go against those guys. I haven’t seen a lot of them in a long time. I’ve still got a lot of very strong friendships over there, so it’s going to be fun to go out there and compete against those guys and hopefully we come out on top so I can have a little bragging rights.

Some of the guys I still keep in touch with over there are guys like Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Jamarca Sanford, Jasper Brinkley, and a few others. I actually just talked to a couple of those guys on Tuesday. We like to talk on a regular basis – and it’s not even all about football. We formed great friendships throughout my four years there and we just talk about life in general, when we can meet up again, what those guys are doing on their Bye weeks, all kinds of stuff like that. I actually have of few of those guys coming over to my house as soon as they land in Seattle this weekend, just to hang out for a little bit.

Back to Percy. When I was over there in Minnesota he was like my little bro. He’s one of toughest athletes I’ve been around. He’s a special guy out there on the football field and he’s not turning down anything from anybody. He’s going to bring 110 percent with the attitude and everything every single time. His toughness is easily the most impressive part of his game. One thing that I like to tell people that haven’t been around him and don’t know him is that he has the fastest acceleration I’ve ever seen. He can come out of getting banged by a linebacker after a catch, and if he stays on his feet and gets his feet going it’s like the fastest thing you’ve ever seen from a person. Obviously he can run fast – he’s done it all for them this year. He’s played running back, returned kicks, he’s scored rushing touchdowns, receiving touchdowns, and I’m just looking for them to put him on defense and get a pick now. He’s doing really well and I’m proud of him.

The years I had playing with Adrian Peterson are a lot like playing with Marshawn Lynch now. I’ve had the privilege to block for two of the best running backs that you could possibly block for in my six-year career – and that’s Adrian and Marshawn. They’re similar in ways, and they’re different in ways. Marshawn is a wide-bodied guy and he runs with a wide base and Adrian is kind of slimmer, really shifty, a lot of juke moves, spin moves, and things like that. But in the same sense they never turn down any contact. If they’re running between the sideline and a defender you best believe they’re going to try and run through that defender before they go out of bounds or anything like that. It makes my job a lot easier blocking for guys like that, and it makes it a lot of fun as well. A lot of receivers don’t want to block, but those are two guys that you want to block for. It’s exciting watching them on film when you come back to the meeting room after the game.

Talking about my old team brings back memories of the last time I was in a Minnesota Vikings uniform, which I think was when I was on the television show “The League” on FX. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m definitely open to it again – this time in a Seahawks uniform, just to let anybody know out there. I’m open to any opportunities like that. It was a fun experience. It was my first time doing something like that and it was a great time with Maurice Jones-Drew, Brent Grimes and those guys. It was pretty exciting.

I think I still have a couple Minnesota fans that may be coming out to the game this weekend, but to all the Seahawks fans let it be known that we’re happy to be back home playing in front of you guys. We use you for energy and hopefully we can come out and give you everything you want from this team, and win the ball game.

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