Fantasy: Seahawks can boost Fantasy Playoff outlooks

Posted Jan 5, 2013

Some experts are picking the Seahawks to make their second Super Bowl, so naturally, their top performers are favorites in the world of Fantasy Football.

As the Seahawks head into their playoff opener at Washington this weekend, they are considered a strong contender in the NFC. Some experts are even picking them to make their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. So naturally, their top performers are favorites in the world of Fantasy Football, where a primary NFL postseason goal is to roster players from teams that will advance deep into the playoffs.

Many Fantasy players who cannot get enough of football gaming participate in NFL Playoff Fantasy leagues. There are various ways to play, including drafting players from the playoff team rosters before the postseason starts, changing lineups each week based on who advances, or compiling weekly lineups under a salary cap. In the most popular types of setups, such as drafting of available postseason players or participating in an online group in a game such as’s Playoff Challenge, a main objective is to figure out which teams have the possibility of playing the most postseason games and advancing the furthest.

Having players from teams that see the most postseason action ensures maximum possible point output when you draft outright, and also leads to ensuing round bonuses in a game like the Playoff Challenge. That is why many Seahawks are popular picks among NFL Playoff Fantasy Football participants. In draft formats, if you believe the Seahawks can play in three to four postseason games, you’ll covet Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson. They’ll not only play this week, but can ensure you will have a prime point producer in your lineup in ensuing weeks.

Most draft style Fantasy Football leagues allow you to pick enough guys to fill a starting lineup, and maybe a few reserves.  There is no roster movement allowed after the wild card round begins in most formats, so you have to pick very judiciously. If you have only one quarterback, and his team gets eliminated after the first round, you will not have a quarterback for the rest of your tournament. By the time the Super Bowl rolls around, the goal is to have as many active players still remaining for usage.

In the Playoff Challenge, you can change your lineups every week. But there are great rewards for choosing players who remain in your lineup for the following week. When a player’s team wins their postseason game, you earn bonus multipliers for the following week of that player’s score. Here’s a direct explanation of how that system works from, slightly tweaked with your Seahawks QB of choice inserted as the player example.

A user selects Russell Wilson in the Wild Card round. Wilson earns 15 fantasy points in the first weekly scoring period therefore the participant is awarded 15 points for the first weekly scoring period. If Seattle advances to the Divisional Playoffs and the participant selects to keep Wilson on his/ her roster for the second consecutive weekly scoring period, and Wilson earns 20 fantasy points in his Divisional Playoff game, the participant will earn 40 points for the second consecutive weekly scoring period (20 x 2 = 40). Those 40 points will be added to the 15 points earned in the first weekly scoring period for a two-week total of 55 points (15 40 = 55).

So as you can see, just as in draft-style playoff leagues, you are rewarded for player advancement in the Playoff Challenge. With the Seahawks hitting their stride just in time for the playoffs, their top performers are very popular Fantasy picks. Wilson came on strong late in the year and helped many Fantasy players win their league championships. He is being consistently selected in the first few rounds of draft formats.

Lynch was an elite Fantasy running back again this season and is an easy first-round pick in draft style leagues, while being used as a starter this week by 37 percent on Playoff Challenge participants. Keep in mind some players choose to fill their opening week rosters with players who have a bye as an alternative to first-round NFL players. This way they are guaranteed double point output for when those players participate in the divisional rounds.

The Seahawks defense is being started by 45 percent of Playoff Challenge participants this week, showing the user base’s strong faith in their ability to both produce statistically and advance. With the cornerback of Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner back for the playoffs, the unit is ready for a strong run.

Draft style leagues are formats in which the player pool is picked clean in terms of most key NFL offensive starters being selected. Golden Tate is a quality starter because of his TD potential, and Sidney Rice will surely be in many starting lineups. You’ll also see Doug Baldwin and Anthony McCoy being targeted as some later-round guys with upside. Kicker Steven Hauschka is a popular pick in all formats because of strong widespread belief that this will be a very successful postseason run for the ‘Hawks.

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