Tuesday in Hawkville: Seahawks not only survive, but thrive, at Media Day

Posted Jan 28, 2014

The expect-the-unexpected event that is Super Bowl Media Day unfolded before the Seahawks’ very eyes at a hockey arena on Tuesday, but the Seahawks stared down the glare and came away smiling.

NEWARK, N.J. – A recap of the Seahawks’ activities for Jan. 28, when it was Media Day at the Super Bowl:


Or perhaps mass of humanity is more fitting. But by any label, it was quite a scene at the Prudential Center for Media Day on Tuesday, where the Seahawks and Broncos took their turns being quizzed and questioned by a horde of reporters and, well, others who also were in attendance.


The NFL issued 5,500 credentials for Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII matchup at MetLife Stadium. They weren’t all on hand for Media Day, it just seemed that way at the home arena of the New Jersey Devils. There also were 7,000 fans in the stands, who paid $28.50 each to be part of the festivities.

Before the Broncos’ session, marching bands played. As the Broncos were departing and the Seahawks had yet to arrive, singers from the cast of “Motown The Musical” performed, and were followed by a Bruce Springsteen tribute band, Tramps Like Us.

As for the usual cast of unusual characters, there was one guy dressed like Waldo – from Where’s Waldo? fame; and another in colonial outfit, complete with wig. At one point, they were actually interviewing each other. There was another guy in a Superhero (Pick Boy) outfit. There also was a person who asked the players to draw questions from a hat, but all the questions were about Justin Bieber.

PHOTO GALLERY: Only at Media Day

“Were you just talking about Justin Bieber?” Seahawks nose tackle Brandon Mebane was asked.

“Well, yes and no,” he said. “They asked me to pull a question out of a hat and it was about him. So that’s the only reason I was talking about what’s going on with Justin Bieber.”

Ah, Media Day. Ya gotta love, or at least tolerate it. But the Seahawks seemed to be having fun with it – all of it, from the serious to the silly.

“It’s alright. It’s cool,” Mebane said. “I’m enjoying the moment right now. I’m taking it all in.”

And yes, coach Pete Carroll did talk with his team about what to expect at Media Day, because none of the 53 players on the active roster have ever played in a Super Bowl.

“Pete told us there were going to be a lot of questions that were going to be asked,” Mebane said. “He was just telling us to be careful about how we respond to different questions and how you answer some of the question.”

Especially when those questions concern such important topics as Justin Bieber. 



“I thought it was pretty funny. … Sometimes I go overboard; sometimes I don’t give them enough. But I only know how to be me.”

All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, when asked about the New York Daily News headline from Monday that proclaimed “The Mouth That Bored” after his media session from Sunday

In an survey, players around the league were asked: “Which head coach would you most like to play for?”

Carroll garnered 23 percent of the votes in the anonymous survey of 320 players.

“I’m surprised by that,” he said from his podium during Media Day. “But, hey, free agency is a big deal to us. Maybe that can help us down the road.”

Always competing, or at least looking for that competitive advantage.

Carroll got 72 votes to finish ahead of the Steelers’ Mike Tomlin (44).


But Mebane is not an opponent; he’s the Seahawks’ underrated nose tackle. But Steve Vallos is, because the former Seahawks’ offensive lineman is now the backup center in Denver. And he offered his assessment of Mebane during the Broncos’ Media Day session.


In honor of the endorsement deal Marshawn Lynch signed with Skittles on Tuesday, we decided to take a look at the most rushing touchdowns scored during three consecutive regular seasons for the Seahawks:

Player (years)  TDs
Shaun Alexander (2003-05) 57
Marshawn Lynch (2011-13) 35
Curt Warner (1986-88) 31
Chris Warren (1993-95) 31
Sherman Smith (1977-79)  21
Ricky Watters (1998-2000)  21

“Brandon has great quickness, he plays really low and he just attacks up field,” said Vallos, who practiced against Mebane during his two-season stay (2008-09) with the Seahawks. “He’s really a great player.

“I spent a lot of time with him and he’s a hard guy to block. I should know, because I went against him in training camp and also during the season while working on the scout team against the defense. He’s just a really good player.”


PHOTO GALLERY: Behind the Scenes at Media Day

Defensive end Red Bryant and Mebane play next to one another of the Seahawks’ line. They have cubicles that are next to one another in the locker room at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Tuesday, they were next to one another at the podiums for Media Day.

What is this?

“That’s my dawg, man,” Bryant said with a laugh. “That’s my good friend. To make it this far with a guy, you already know how I feel about Brandon Mebane, how much respect I have for him. For us to be on the biggest stage together, to overcome a lot of adversity to get here, it’s been a blessing.”

Added Mebane, “That’s my ace, man. Me and Big Red, we’re inseparable.”


After a “Bonus Monday” session and then being “off” Tuesday because of Media Day, the Seahawks will return to the practice fields at the Giants’ facility for their “Competition Wednesday” practice.

The game plan for the Broncos was installed last week during the bye week practices at VMAC. So the team’s practices Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be used to fine tune the earlier preparations.

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