Top 12 stories from Super Bowl XLVIII

Posted Feb 8, 2014

A look back at some of's most-consumed written content surrounding Super Bowl XLVIII.

In case you missed it - and because why wouldn't we relive last week's Super Bowl result as often as we can - we're taking a look back at some of the most-consumed written Super Bowl content on over the last couple of weeks.

12. Seahawks share their Super Bowl success with the 12th Man

It's only fitting that No. 12 on our list goes out to the 12th Man, as Digital Media Writer Clare Farnsworth recaps this past Wednesday's Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle. More than 700,000 12s packed city streets and 50,000 more snuggled into CenturyLink Field for the greatest celebration our city has ever seen.

11. Russell Wilson on the Late Show with David Letterman

Fresh off his club's 43-8 dismantling of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, quarterback Russell Wilson joined Late Show host David Letterman for a chat. Wilson keys Letterman in on his mentality as the big game approached, talks about the influence he received and relationship he had with his late father, and reiterates the tremendous support the team has drawn from the city of Seattle.

10. Kam Chancellor: "He is the enforcer"

Farnsworth takes a look back at the influence strong safety Kam Chancellor has had on opposing offenses the past three seasons. The story was a worthy prelude to what went down in last Sunday's Super Bowl, when Chancellor delivered several punishing blows and recorded a pick of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

9. Defense lifts Seahawks to Super heights

Morning-after Super Bowl reaction from coach Pete Carroll on earning the Seahawks' first Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. You'll want to read this one to hear what Carroll has to say about his club being compared to some of the best defenses of all-time.

8. Five matchups to watch in Super Bowl XLVIII

With this past Sunday's Super Bowl turning in the Seahawks' favor so quickly, and by such a wide margin, not all of these matchups came into play. But Farnsworth was spot on in his "One Tough Task" section, believing the Broncos' kickoff coverage would have their hands full with Percy Harvin.

From Farnsworth, "The Broncos allowed a league-high average of 29.3 yards on kickoff returns during the regular season, including a 108-yarder. They did not have a kickoff returned in two postseason games at Invesco Field, but the altitude at MetLife Stadium is not a Mile High so the air is a lot heavier."

Denver wound up popping a second-half kickoff short to Harvin, who found a giant hole in the Broncos' coverage team and escaped 87 yards for the score.

7. Pete Carroll doesn't care what's in the rearview mirror

Pete Carroll's season-ending press conference came after the team had completed a Super Bowl celebration parade in front of 50,000 season-ticket holders at CenturyLink Field. That's an exciting way to end a season. But as Farnsworth explains, for Carroll and general manager John Schneider, their eyes were already turned toward what's next.

6. John Schneider finally takes a (forced) bow

After the Seahawks' NFC Championship victory over the San Francisco 49ers, coach Pete Carroll handed the game ball to general manager John Schneider - the team architect behind many of the personnel decisions these past four seasons.

Farnsworth takes a look back at where some of the players Carroll and Schneider let go to start the season ended up. What we find is just how deep and talented this current Seahawks roster really is.

5. Wednesday in Hawkville: Percy Harvin, and all that he brings, returns to practice

It was the Seahawks' first practice and preparation for the AFC Champion Denver Broncos, and their prized offseason possession Percy Harvin was back on the field.

Harvin had suffered a concussion in the divisional-round against the New Orleans Saints that kept him out of the NFC Championship against the Niners. But Harvin was back. And more importantly, he stayed back, stringing together consecutive days of practice prior to Super Bowl XLVIII. And we all know how he ended up performing in that one.

4. Seahawks to wear white jerseys, blue pants in Super Bowl XLVIII

It's simple, but people really wanted to know what their favorite team was going to wear on football's biggest stage.

The Seahawks showcased Nike's white jerseys and blue pants for just the fourth time in history, two of which have come at MetLife Stadium - a 23-0 win over the New York Giants in Week 15 and last Sunday's 43-8 Super Bowl win over the Broncos.

The Seahawks improved to 3-1 all-time in the white and blue gameday garb.

3. The Top-12 Most-Ridiculous Questions Overheard at #SBMediaDay

This one needs no introduction. Just hit the link above and prepare to be entertained.

A few more of the most-ridiculous questions overheard at Super Bowl Media Day that didn't make our original cut include, "Can you sing for us?", "Who's your celebrity crush?", and one off-the-wall query for wide receiver Jermaine Kearse, "Do you stand by your statement that Doug Baldwin is the most attractive Seahawk?"

2. Seattle Sound

All right, we're cheating a little bit with this one. It's mostly a compilation of videos, but they're all worth another look and listen, too.

Seattle-native entertainers Macklemore, Rainn Wilson, Joel McHale, Chris Cornell, Mario Batali, Ann Wilson, Duff McKagan, and Jerry Cantrell tell us what it's like to have their hometown Seahawks represent the city of Seattle in Super Bowl XLVIII.

1. 12 things the casual football fan should know about the Seattle Seahawks

We end one list by directing you to another.

This story dropped several nuggets of knowledge about your 2013-14 Seattle Seahawks, meant for both the casual football fan who hadn't yet picked a side in last Sunday's Super Bowl, and for the hardcore Seahawks fanatic who had been following since day one.

Both sides of the spectrum picked up a thing or two from the piece, as we recounted how the "Legion of Boom" was born, explained why running back Marshawn Lynch is so fond of Skittles, introduced the masses to fullback Michael Robinson's "Real Rob Report" and much, much more.