Thursday in Hawkville: Seahawks looking to recapture their CenturyLink rhythm

Posted Aug 14, 2014

After dropping their preseason opener to the Broncos in Denver last week, the Seahawks return to CenturyLink Field on Friday night to host the San Diego Chargers at what has been a special venue for them.


As in, it’s time for the returning players to recapture the rhythm that goes into playing at CenturyLink Field, and the new players to follow their lead.

After dropping their preseason opener to the Broncos in Denver last Thursday night, the Seahawks will play their home opener on Friday night against the San Diego Chargers. And it’s obviously different not only playing at home, but playing at the home of the Seahawks – and their 12th Man fans.

Since coach Pete Carroll arrived in 2010, the Seahawks are 6-2 at home in the preseason, including their current five-game winning streak; 24-8 in the regular season, and they had a 14-game winning streak snapped with December’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals; and 3-0 in the postseason.

“There’s a bit of a different routine when you’re on the road than when you’re home,” Carroll said after Thursday’s no-helmets/no-pads practice. “It’s important for our guys to find the rhythm of that routine so that they can prepare in a really consistent manner.

“So our guys that have been here kick back into their ways – adjust them as they want to – and the new guys to find their ways. We try to get CenturyLink ready to be jacked up to play some great football. It’s great to be coming home.”

The fans could see some players who sat out the opener in Denver – most noticeably leading rusher Marshawn Lynch, but also Pro Bowl center Max Unger and left guard James Carpenter.

Carroll stopped short of saying the trio would make its preseason debut, but when asked if Lynch has a chance to play, he offered, “Yes, he does.” Is he going to play? “You’ll see at game time,” Carroll said. On Unger and Carpenter, he said, “We’re still making those evaluations. Carp looks like he’s in good shape. We’ll wait and see on Max.”


Rookie defensive end Cassius Marsh went down with a knee injury during the final training camp practice on Wednesday.

However, Marsh was not only back on the practice field Thursday; he took part in every phase of practice.


Three of the Seahawks’ four games this month are against teams that rank among the Top 7 in opponents they’ve faced most often in the preseason – including Friday night’s preseason home opener against the Chargers. Here’s a look at how many times they’ve met those seven teams and the Seahawks’ record against their most-familiar preseason foes:

Team Games Rank
49ers 28 13-15
Colts 17 8-9
Cardinals 14 9-5
Vikings 13 7-6
Broncos 12 3-9
Raiders 12 9-3
Chargers 12 8-4

“It must have been the laying of hands,” Carroll cracked, and then added, “He was at practice today. He got out there and did awesome. If he’s OK tomorrow, he’s got a chance to play. So we’re very, very happy about that.”


One good start deserves another when it comes to Brock Coyle, the rookie free agent from Montana who has stepped in for an on-the-mend Bobby Wagner at middle linebacker. Coyle had five tackles against the Broncos, but Carroll wants to see more.

“We’re hoping that he’ll continue to show,” Carroll said. “He’s got some areas he can improve on. Matter of fact, I met with him yesterday to talk specifically about those things. He’s done a fantastic job. We’re really fired up about what he’s done for us. But we’d like to see him get better.

“He’s gone past what you might think a (middle) linebacker would do at this time, because he’s handled the huddle so well and the adjustments and calls and all that. Now he needs to settle in and play and do a good job in the passing game as well as in his tackling. But I’m really fired up for the kid. He’s made a great statement in trying to make this team.”


For the first time since the NFC Championship game on Jan. 19, the Seahawks will play at CenturyLink Field on Friday night. It’s only a preseason game, but it’s the preseason home opener against the Chargers – a team the Seahawks will play in Week 2 of the regular season in San Diego; and a team the Seahawks played twice a season from 1977-2001 when they were in the AFC West.