Think globally, act socially

Posted Nov 22, 2013

World events are a natural driver of conversation and last week’s 41-20 thumping of the Minnesota Vikings proved just that.

When the world experiences an event that brings it together, being able to discuss it helps people process it. World events are a natural driver of conversation and last week’s 41-20 thumping of the Minnesota Vikings proved just that.

When Doug Baldwin emerged from the tunnel carrying the flag of the Philippines, the world noticed. Baldwin, who has Filipino roots, was carrying the flag to honor the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. If you’re interested in supporting the relief efforts, here’s a great roundup of the ways you can donate.

While the 68,235 #12s at the game on Sunday saw the Seahawks become the NFL’s first 10-win team of the year and also became the first ever Seahawks team with double-digit wins in consecutive years. But this game had many special attendees. Last Sunday’s game was the Seahawks Salute to Service and men, women and children who have served this country were honored throughout the week and the game.

Thanks to Doug Baldwin’s support of his heritage and the support of our military, “Seahawks” was mentioned on Twitter 70,417 times on game day. I have a feeling that the 16,244 mentions the next day was a result of the rest of the NFL waking up knowing that there was a 10-1 team resting on its bye week.

Not only did the Seahawks dominate on the field, @Seahawks dominated on social media as well. @Seahawks had 23,780 mentions on game day while only 6,417 tweets mentioned @Vikings.

As I mentioned, many took notice of Doug Baldwin’s show of support. Nearly 7,500 people mentioned @DougBaldwinJr during the game. That symbol was actually enough to trump the debut of @Percy_Harvin. His Twitter account saw just under 4,000 mentions.

I have noticed a few trends as I keep an eye on the Twitter data over the course of the season. The excitement for this team has not come anywhere close to peaking. As the NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports and other national media outlets continue to discuss the team’s success, the attention on social media will continue to trend up.

Heading into face the 9-2 New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, all social media thumbs will be on the Seahawks. One thing I’ve noticed is that as the season has gone on, the tone of the players’ tweets has become more focused. As the big picture starts to fill in, there has been less emphasis on life outside of work and they have been quick to let fans know that their focus is purely on going 1-0 every week.

Although it looks like @ShowtimeTate took a quick trip to Cabo and caught a few fish.

And, as we head into the bye week and face a weekend with out Seahawks football, some #12s are left to find interesting ways to pump themselves up.

As the Seahawks prepare themselves for a battle against the Saints, I want to know how you’ll be getting ready for the game. Tweet me @Geekgiant with your pre-game plans and how you’ll be cheering the Seahawks on Monday Night Football!