The world is a twitter for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl

Posted Jan 27, 2014

The tip heard around the world secured the Seahawks second ever trip to the Super Bowl. It’s been more than a week since @Rsherman_25 announced his presence to the world.

We like stats, so here’s a few numbers that paint the picture of what kind of statement was made last Sunday:

    •    More than 1,133,591 Twitter mentions of Richard Sherman during the NFC Title game and post-game.
    •    4.96 million Tweets were sent during the TV broadcast of the game and were seen by 11.38 million people, with 412.78 million impressions.
    •    Nearly 163,000 Tweets used the hashtag #seahawks during the game.
    •    At the conclusion of the game, 174,656 tweets per minute were sent about the game.
    •    The Seahawks tweets on game day reached 521,200,000 accounts.
    •    The Seahawks added 21,816 new followers on Instagram the day following the game
    •    The Facebook post announcing the win generated more than 105,000 Facebook interactions.

91,884 people tweeted with #GoHawks between 3PM and 8PM PT on game day. #GoNiners tweets maxed out at 12,782.
Source: Simply Measured

But these numbers are not the story leading us #12s into this game. It’s an amazing feeling to be connected with players and fellow fans thanks to social media. Sunday was for those that have owned season tickets since 1976. Sunday was for those that watched their first game the weekend before the NFC Championship. Sunday was for all of us that call ourselves #12s. 

Now we turn toward next Sunday. Next Sunday is for bringing as much noise as we can and then finding just a little bit more to celebrate a victory Sunday night.

Fans are descending upon New York from around the world to bring the thunder the #12s are known for. We’ll be braving the elements and making once-in-a-lifetime memories as we have experienced a historic season for the Seahawks. There have been literally millions of tweets and countless Facebook posts made about the team. We’ve been able to connect through social media with each other and with the players.

And now we get to enjoy the leadup to the biggest through the lens of social media. In celebration of the Seahawks claiming the NFC Championship, Twitter has set up a special site where you can show your support and follow the players through the social networking site.

So, #12s, it’s time for the final week of the season. It’s time for the #Seahawks to show the world what it means to have the support of the #12s. Who’s got your back? We got your back.