The Top-12 Most-Ridiculous Questions Overheard at #SBMediaDay

Posted Jan 28, 2014

Twelve off-the-wall inquires overheard at Super Bowl XLVIII's NFL Media Day

"Media Day"

It's the phrase used to refer to the Tuesday of every Super Bowl week.

The name is a little ambiguous, though, as players and coaches are made available to the press all week long leading up to Sunday's big game. But Tuesday's event - held at New Jersey's Prudential Center, the home of the NHL's Devils - operates a little bit differently than those other availabilities.

Eighteen Seahawks were placed at their own podium. Five of those 18 (Earl Thomas, Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor) were set up at larger structures around center-ice. The remaining players, coaches, and staff were made available at one of two standing-room only areas.

Despite its name, "Media Day" isn't just for the media. It's also for the fans, whose numbers pushed 7,000-strong after paying $28.50 to get through the arena's doors to watch players from the Seahawks and Broncos Super Bowl squads get interviewed. Yes, you read that right.

"Media Day" is all about entertainment. Countless credentials are granted to organizations from all over the globe. The questions asked aren't coming from your traditional Tony Ventrella-type sports reporter. The word "circus" can quickly come to mind, and there were certainly some circus-like questions on this day.

These are 12 of the most-ridiculous questions we overheard at the NFL's "Media Day."

12. "Does your hair factor into your play?"

To quarterback Russell Wilson, on his curly and lengthy locks.

11. "People think you look like the actor Owen Wilson, what do you think?"

Directed at head coach Pete Carroll, who replied, "I nose isn't nearly as crooked."

10. "What advice would you give Justin Beiber?"

Directed at defensive tackle Brandon Mebane.

9. "Can you re-enact Richard Sherman's postgame interview?"

Directed at strong safety Kam Chancellor.

8. "The Seahawks have a lot of players with long hair. You have long hair, can I interview you?"

Directed at Seahawks Public Relations intern Myron Beck, who played linebacker at Washington State University.

7. "Who has the better beard?"

Directed at center Max Unger and defensive end Michael Bennett, who fielded questions side-by-side.

6. "Do you have sex on gameday?"

Directed at linebacker Heath Farwell.

5. "Who was your favorite 90s boy band?"

Directed tight end Zach Miller.

4. "Can I have a hug?"

Directed at tight end Zach Miller.

3. "Who do you like better, Seattle women or New Jersey women?"

Directed at fullback Michael Robinson, who replied, "I like my wife."

2. "With Dick Clark's departure, do you consider yourself the world's youngest teenager?"

Directed at head coach Pete Carroll.

1. "Are you hoping to win this game?"

Directed at cornerback Walter Thurmond.