The Seahawks’ Super Bowl run wouldn’t have been the same without the 12th Man

Posted Feb 14, 2014

The 12th Man transformed road games into home-game atmospheres. They broke the Guinness crowd-cheer record twice. They cheered the best season in franchise history, from start to finish, until they were Seahawks Blue in the face.

They are the 12s, and you couldn’t help but hear them roar.

The Seahawks’ players and coaches never missed an opportunity to salute and thank the team’s 12th Man fans during the most successful season in franchise history.

“There are just not enough words to describe the emotion and the exchange that was given from the fans to our players and from our players to the fans. It was just an amazing day,” coach Pete Carroll said after the post-Super Bowl parade through an estimated crowd of more than 700,000 in downtown Seattle and victory celebration in front of another 50,000 at CenturyLink Field on Feb. 5.

“The consistency of the intensity of the fans through the parade was amazing. … I can’t imagine one better than that. It was just over the top.”

On this Valentine’s Day, and after a season of over-the-top performances by the 12th Man, we offer one final valentine by revisiting “the best of” from our series of “Look Who’s Coming to Training Camp/the Game” features:


90. “We’re celebrating our 72nd wedding anniversary, which was yesterday.” – Dar Hawley, who was with her husband, Don, and family at the divisional playoff game against the Saints

83. “When you get this old, you’re happy to be anywhere.” – Mama Blue, a.k.a. Patti Hammond, before the NFC Championship game


“We came in just for this. We flew in yesterday. We bought the tickets even before we beat the Saints (in the divisional playoff game). We planned it a long time back. We said, ‘We’re going to the NFC Championship game, and we’ll be there.” – Brian Webb, who flew in from El Paso, Texas, for the NFC title game

Fan since

“A year. Now that I can watch the games. I used to work every game day. So I didn’t watch.” – April Monn, before the regular-season finale against the Rams

“We’ve been married 17 years, so 17 years. I grew up in Texas and he converted me.” – Selena Willard, who attended the Week 11 game against the Vikings with her husband, John

“All my life. I was like 4-years old, and I had the Brian Bosworth lines cut in my head.” – Noah Clark, before the Week 11 game against the Vikings

Favorite current Seahawk

Marshawn Lynch, just because of Skittles, man. I like Skittles, too.” – Mark Kawakami, before the Week 2 home opener against the 49ers

Russell Wilson, because he’s proven that he can manage a team. He’s awesome. He came in as a rookie and just blew us away. I really wasn’t a fan of his until he won the Chicago game, twice, last year. That’s when I said, ‘He’s the man.’ ” – Ed Stanley, before the Week 2 home opener against the 49ers

“That’s like one question you always ask people that I’m like, ‘Uh, I wouldn’t know how to answer that.’ I would just say 12th Man. The 12th Man is extremely important here at home. So I would go with the 12th Man.” – Michael Holloran, before the Week 6 game against the Titans

Favorite all-time Seahawk

“So many to choose from, but I was always a Walter Jones fan. In my mind, the best lineman to ever play. He’s going to be a shoo-in (for the Pro Football Hall of Fame). He might be one of the closest to ever be unanimous.” – Jeff Matthews, at the divisional playoff game against the Saints and three weeks before Jones was a first-ballot selection for the Hall of Fame

“Steve Largent, for the obvious reasons. I grew up watching him and he was the one guy I could throw in anybody’s face, like, ‘Yeah, what about him,’ when they talk about who they knew.” – Fred Goss, before the Week 16 game against the Cardinals

“Cortez (Kennedy), without a doubt. I was a defensive lineman. He’s in the Hall of Fame. He earned it. He worked hard. When you’re double-teamed your entire career, yeah.” – Joe Flaquinti, before one of the training camp practices that was open to the public

Favorite moment from this season

“It’s about to happen.” – Jeff Coburn, before the Monday night game against the Saints when the Seahawks became the first NFL team to clinch a playoff berth with a 34-7 victory

“Oh man, when Richard Sherman took away the pass from San Francisco.” The pass to Michael Crabtree in the end zone to ice the NFC Championship game? “I try not to say any of their names. It’s that whatever guy.” – J. Szczesny, on the streets of Manhattan two days before Super Bowl XLVIII

Favorite moment in franchise history

“I have to go back to Cortez Kennedy returning a fumble or an interception at the Kingdome right in front of us. We were first-time season-ticket holders when Paul Allen and Bob Whitsitt signed on the bottom line (to purchase the team). They didn’t have a demand for tickets. So we’re front row, on the pylon, in the 100 level, for $18 a ticket at the time. So all of a sudden, here goes Tez running right in front of us. I lost my mind. I screamed so hard. There’s like 18 muscles that run from the top of your head to frowns on your eyebrows. I like tore one. It hurt so bad I thought I was having a stroke.” – Neil Hart, a.k.a. Kiltman, before the regular-season finale against the Rams

“We were actually at the ‘Beast Quake’ game (the 2010 wild-card playoff game against the Saints that Marshawn Lynch sealed with a 67-yard TD run). That was crazy. I actually threw up on the lady in front of me. She didn’t even notice. She walked out of the place, she had puke all down her hair. She didn’t even notice. I felt so bad. But I didn’t want to tell her because she was like, ‘Wooooo,’ and freaking out. It was awesome. That’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me.” – Megan Wills, before the final training camp practice that was open to the public

“No. I don’t have one, because we haven’t won the Super Bowl. That will be my favorite moment when we do it this year.” – Matt Kiefat, before the Week 11 game against the Vikings