Sweet tooth, sweet performance

Posted Dec 12, 2011

Marshawn Lynch's habit of munching Skittles during games is taking on a life of its own, as the Seahawks' Skittle-back was showered with the candy after his TD run on Monday night.

As he was taking the field for Monday night’s game, Marshawn Lynch was met by his mother, who was holding a large bag of Skittles candy.

After Lynch scored on a 16-yard run late in the fourth quarter of the Seahawks’ 30-13 victory over the Rams, Skittles rained down on him from the north end zone at CenturyLink Field.

If you ask Lynch, this Skittle thing is getting out of hand.

“Yeah, because I think a lot of people got it mixed up, like it’s a prize that I get Skittles for scoring a touchdown,” Lynch said in the locker room when asked if this Skittle-mania has surprised him. “If you want to know the truth, you’ve to ask my mama.”

The truth is, Lynch has been eating them during games since his days at Oakland Technical High School.

“It really took off in college, when they gave me a pack of Skittles on the sideline at Cal,” Lynch said. “But it didn’t blow up the way it has like this.”

Now, Lynch can’t go anywhere without people bringing up his Skittle-munching ways. During the Seahawks’ victory over the Philadelphia Eagles last week, the TV cameras caught him being given Skittles on the sideline. That prompted the company to send him a two-year supply.

If Lynch continues to rack up touchdowns and 100-yard rushing efforts the way he has in the past six games, coach Pete Carroll might make Skittles a mandatory staple of the training-table diet for the entire team.

“Marshawn is going to make me change my diet and start eating more Skittles or something,” quarterback Tarvaris Jackson cracked.