Social Media for Social Good

Posted Dec 20, 2013

Sometimes, just sometimes, social media can be used for good.

Sometimes, just sometimes, social media can be used for good.

In an effort to move the rivalry between the #12s and 49er fans in a positive direction, a group of fans has launched a campaign to raise funds for the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco. What started with a modest initial goal has grown exponentially as donors all over recognize the importance of what the fans are doing. Now, this started as a kind way to combat the negative tone the rivalry has taken.

"I started this because when I first heard about the Niners fans erecting the billboard in Seattle, my blood boiled," Seahawks fan Christopher Hart said in an email. "And then I realized that was exactly what they wanted. I thought to myself maybe we should take a page out of Russell Wilson's playbook and take the high road. Rivalry can be fun, but I think there's a better way to do it."

This morning, it was announced that a better way had happened. It turns out an anonymous 49ers fan took note of this fundraising effort and has stepped up with his or her own challenge: He or she will match any amount the #12s raise for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital with a donation to Seattle Children's up to $100,000. For every dollar Hart's campaign raises for San Francisco, that amount will be donated to Seattle Children's. And, they're not alone. Hart said that Suqaumish Clearwater Casino Resort is going to match whatever is raised for San Francisco's Children's Hospital and donate it right to Seattle Children's Hospital, up to $5,000.

The power of social media. If you'd like to donate to this fan challenge, you can donate now through this page.

Big lights will inspire you.

Last week, the Seahawks travelled to New York to take on the New York Giants, where they won, 23-0. It gave the Seahawks the team's 12th victory of the year and a franchise-record sixth road victory.

On social media, the victory was much more lopsided. According to our statistics, @Seahawks was mentioned 22,803 times on game day, compared to 4,800 for @Giants. There's two key factors in this. Prolific tweeters and celebrities.

From a prolific tweeter perspective, we can look at an account such as Jeb Kratzig's as an example. He may only have 19 followers, but on Dec. 15, he posted about the Seahawks 213 times. And there's a lot more like him. Quickly sharing every update or new item about the #Seahawks.

These tweets from celebrities often times appear as retweets, but because of their popularity, generate numerous responses, which also contains @Seahawks mentions.

The voice of the #12s continues to grow. The overall mentions continue to trend upward as does the entire audience. Across all social media channels, more than one million people engaged with content across the Seahawks' social media properties. Surprisingly, Instagram continues to be a large driver of that. In fact, more than 54% of the week's engagement was on Instagram.

One final highlight of the week. This week, the #12s army grew by one as we welcomed the next #12thInfant to the world. She was only 18 hours old when we watched the game together from the comfort of our hospital room.