Seahawks recall their “coolest” Christmas gifts

Posted Dec 25, 2013

From Breno Giacomini’s BMX bike, to K.J. Wright’s wrestling action figures, to Steven Hauschka’s Nintendo, those “coolest” Christmas gifts would be trumped by a win over the Rams on Sunday.

It was a typical late December day in Cambridge, Mass. And that means there was snow in every nook and cranny.

It was 1997 or ’98, and Breno Giacomini was either 12 or 13. It also was Christmas Day, and the boy who grew into the Seahawks’ 6-foot-7, 318-pound right tackle had just gotten what he remembers as his best Christmas gift ever.

“I got a Dyno Air BMX bike when I was younger. That was the best one,” Giacomini said. “I just remember being really excited for that gift.”

Even when the weather outside was frightful?

“There was snow all over the place, but I didn’t care,” he said. “I definitely went out for a ride, and used it for a very long time. It was awesome.”

Giacomini and his teammates already have gotten a Christmas treat this week from coach Pete Carroll, who moved the “Competition Wednesday” practice to Tuesday so the players could spend Christmas Day with their families.

The Christmas gift they all want, of course, is a victory over the St. Louis Rams in Sunday’s regular-season finale at CenturyLink Field. With a win, the Seahawks will clinch the NFC West title for the second time in four seasons under Carroll. But this time, they also would get a first-round bye in the playoffs and home-field advantage throughout the postseason.

The only other time that happened in franchise history was in 2005, when the Seahawks used all that to make a run to the Super Bowl. That team went 13-3. With a win over the Rams, this team would finish 13-3.

But with the players off Christmas Day, we decided to turn back the clock and ask a few for memories of Christmases Past – specifically the best or coolest gift they ever received.

Kicker Steven Hauschka: “I got a Nintendo 64 growing up. I remember that was pretty cool. I was maybe 10, so that was cool. I’d been wanting it for a while, so it was a big surprise.”

Linebacker K.J. Wright: “The coolest thing that always made me extremely happy, I was real young (maybe 9 or 10), and my parents used to get me Man of Wrestling Action Figures. I had Hulk Hogan, Sting, Rey Mysterio. I was in love with it and I used to play with them. I had my own little wrestling ring. I had my little battles and stuff. So it was cool.”

With that said, and with so much on the line for the Seahawks in this final week of the regular season, Merry Christmas.