Seahawks kick off Phase 2 of offseason program

Posted May 5, 2014

The coaches were back on the field with the players on Monday as the Seahawks kicked off Phase 2 of their offseason program. And also back was the tempo that sets the Seahawks’ on-field sessions apart.

It was a Monday morning in May, but it could have been any afternoon during training camp in late July or early August.

The Seahawks kicked off Phase 2 of their offseason program, the three-week period that allows the coaches to be on the practice field for drills with the players – and in the Seahawks’ case, it was the first time they’d all been on the field together since their 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb 2.

Not only were the players and coaches back on the indoor practice field in separate defense, offense and special teams sessions at Virginia Mason Athletic on Monday, so was the tempo that sets any of the Seahawks’ on-field sessions apart – whether it’s a training camp practice during the summer or on-field drills during the spring.

“We don’t know any other way,” All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman said after the defensive players had completed their on-field session and before they hit the weight room. “Most of us have never played anywhere else, so tempo is what it is for us.”

So along with the tempo, the camaraderie also picked up where it ended last season.

“This was a good first day,” coach Pete Carroll said. “The enthusiasm was there like we like and a lot of work was done, too. We’re so far ahead of where we used to be, it’s really obvious and evident by the efficiency of how we moved in doing all the stuff.”

This first day with the coaches also was the first day of installation for the players.

“It was an excellent day in that regard,” Carroll said. “And it was a hard work day for these guys. I was really proud to see them work like that.”

The quarterbacks and receivers got a jump on this next step in the offseason program by going to Southern California to train for a week last month. Third-year QB Russell Wilson initiated the off-site passing camp last year and the rewards were so obvious that he continued it this spring.

“If we had to go play a game tomorrow, I think we would be able to do so,” wide receiver Doug Baldwin said. “But it’s become a normalcy for us now. We expect to be at this level at this point of the year. So it doesn’t feel different to us.”

Sherman also used the word normalcy in referring to Monday’s almost-all-the-gang-is-here session.

“We spend more time here than we do anywhere else,” he said. “So this is our normal. When you’re not here your body doesn’t feel right, you’ve got too much testosterone built up, you’ve got too much energy built up and you don’t have anywhere to go with it.

“So it just felt good to put your energy back on the field.”