Seahawks Rookies React To Roar of 12s at CenturyLink Field

Posted Aug 16, 2014

Wide-eyed rookies took to the turf at the loudest venue in sports for the first time on Friday night against the San Diego Chargers.

Sixty-seven thousand, six-hundred and fifteen.

That's how many 12s turned out to greet the Seahawks for their preseason home opener against the San Diego Chargers on Friday night at CenturyLink Field.

The matchup marked the first time the defending Super Bowl champions were playing on their home turf since their 23-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship this past January. Despite Friday's contest meaning zilch in the 2014 record books, there was a heightened furor around the football field as fans anxiously awaited the return of the team that brought the city it's first Lombardi Trophy.

"The 12th Man fans make it a regular season feel, even though it's preseason," said Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, whose impressive first-half performance set the Seahawks on course for a 41-14 rout of the Chargers. "The energy in the stadium, the electricity is something special. That's what makes it so special to play here in CenturyLink.

"It's truly one of a kind."

On Friday, several Seahawks were taking in that "one of a kind" experience for the very first time.

Rookie defensive ends Cassius Marsh and Jackson Jeffcoat, rookie linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis, and rookie fullback Kiero Small were a few of the team's first-year players getting acquainted with their new digs, and we caught up with each to talk about their initial experience at the loudest venue in sports.

Here's what they had to say:

DE | Cassius Marsh | No. 91

(On how impressed he was with the support of the 12s...) "They're crazy, for sure. For a preseason game I think that was pretty loud, louder than I'm used to. They're very loving, very supportive. I was just feeling them the whole game. It was a great experience for me. I felt welcomed."

(On what a crowd that loud can do for a defense...) "It's a tremendous weapon. ... Just to be able to have that at home is something that as a player it motivates you, gives you that little bit of extra fire. And maybe for those guys that don't have that extra fire for that day, they get it from the fans. It's just something incredible to feel the energy from something besides your teammates."

(On what he had heard about the 12s prior to being drafted to the Seahawks...) "I had heard that Seattle fans were pretty crazy. It's been validated over and over again. Everybody has been telling me about how crazy loud it gets over here. I haven't got to experience it until tonight. It was fun for me, but they're still saying it's nothing like those regular season games, so there's more to see for me. I'm excited."

LB | Kevin Pierre-Louis | No. 58

(On how impressed he was with the support of the 12s...) "It's great. There's no other way to put it. They're loud. The team brings energy, but the team feeds off the energy from the 12s, and it's just exciting to have this as your home field. Coming from BC (Boston College) where our fans did a great job supporting us, but it's definitely a lot louder here. It was just exciting to know that they're supporting you, that they're behind you. I had always heard about the 12s - they're the best fan base around. They're loud. Nothing's changed. They've met my expectations and maybe even surpassed them."

DE | Jackson Jeffcoat | No. 43

(On how impressed he was with the support of the 12s...) "They're a loyal fanbase. They're always there - they stay through the whole game and they're just encouraging of their team. I saw it. They were loud. It was a preseason game and they were going crazy. It was cool to see that."

FB | Kiero Small | No. 34

(On how impressed he was with the support of the 12s...) "It's probably the loudest stadium I've ever been in and it's just a preseason game. I can just imagine what it's like to play in this stadium day-in and day-out. I've always heard about it, but being here all the noise comes right down to the field. I used to watch the games last year when they had people false starting all the time and I always wondered why. I'm happy I'm on this side of the noise."