Seahawks Facebook "Likes" rise north of 2 million

Posted Apr 2, 2014

With the help of a Super Bowl title, the Seahawks have surpassed 2 million Facebook "Likes" since joining the social networking service in 2008.

It should come as no surprise that winning a Super Bowl is good for business. It helps even more when that Super Bowl is the first in franchise history and is awarded to a fan base as title-hungry as the 12s.

The Seahawks joined the social networking service Facebook in the fall of 2008, reaching 1 million "Likes" after roughly five years in cyberspace in Oct. 2013. In the five months since, and with a little bit of help from the Super Bowl XLVIII title, the Seahawks' Facebook following has surpassed 2 million "Likes" to rank 13th in the NFL behind the Oakland Raiders. The Dallas Cowboys own the NFL's largest Facebook following with nearly 6.4 million faithful.

Over the course of the Seahawks' Super Bowl run (Jan. - Feb. 2014), the club increased its fan count by 35 percent on Facebook, moving from 1.2 million to 1.6 million "Likes" and from 19th to 15th among the League's 32 teams. On Twitter, Seahawks followers rose by 40 percent in that same span, jumping from 352K to 492K and from 13th to 9th in the NFL. Instagram saw the greatest social growth this past postseason, climbing 80 percent from 235K to 422K and from 5th to 4th across the League.

In addition to the team's presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Seahawks actively engage on Google-plusPinterest, and Vine.

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