Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin’s success not a surprise at Stanford

Posted Feb 20, 2014

Tackle Cameron Fleming is among the latest Pro-ready players to come out of Stanford, and the way former Cardinal players Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin have contributed to the Seahawks’ success was not only watched but anticipated.

INDIANAPOLIS – The contributions of Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin to the Seahawks’ Super Bowl run did not go unnoticed on "The Farm."

That would be Stanford University, and that also would be where Sherman and Baldwin played before joining the Seahawks in 2011 as a fifth-round draft choice and undrafted free agent. This season, Sherman was voted an All-Pro cornerback for the second time in as many seasons after leading the NFL in interceptions, while Baldwin became a favorite target of quarterback Russell Wilson whenever the Seahawks’ offense needed a third-down completion.

And none of this has surprised anyone at their alma mater, especially Cameron Fleming, who is one of the more Pro-ready right tackles in this year’s draft class that is deep at the tackle position.

“Doug Baldwin, if you look back at the tape of his senior year, he was one of the most-dominant receivers out there,” Fleming said Thursday during his stint at the podium at the NFL Scouting Combine. “He was catching every ball, very explosive.”

In three seasons with the Seahawks, Baldwin has caught 130 passes during the regular season, including 50 for a 15.6-yard average and five touchdowns in 2013; and another 16 in the postseason, including five for 66 yards and a touchdown in the 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl.

Fleming then moved on to Sherman, offering, “Sherm,” before he had to stop, shake his head and laugh before adding, “Sherm is, of course you all know he’s a character. He’s a great guy, though. Off the field, he’s very wise. He was a great leader. And he’s a great player.”

Not to mention a player who has more interceptions (20) and passes defensed (60) than anyone in the league since 2011, including his league-high eight interceptions in 2013.

So the success of this pair of former Farm-hands has had in the NFL, and with the Seahawks, is not surprising?

“Not to us,” Fleming said. “Not to people within the program. They know what’s going to come out of Stanford guys.”