Monday in Hawkville: Pete Carroll reminds players to remember they’re Seahawks

Posted Nov 18, 2013

The players went their separate ways Monday to begin the Seahawks’ bye week, and they won’t reunite until next Monday. But just because they’re off doesn’t mean they can forget totally about football.

A recap of the activities at Virginia Mason Athletic Center for Nov. 18, when the players had meetings before heading out to enjoy their bye week:


The players began their bye week after working out and attending multiple meetings. But they didn’t leave for this extended break without a few chosen words from Peter Carroll.

“It’s really important for us, one, to realize the truth of where we are and what’s happened. So that they’re clear about that,” the team’s fourth-year coach said during his weekly day-after Q&A session with the media. “We’ve done well. We’re in good shape right now.”


Last week, we examined the Seahawks’ place in four key categories in the NFC. Now that they have the best record in the NFL, we’ve expanded that look to the entire league:

Most wins
Team No.
Seahawks 10
Broncos 9
Chiefs 9
Saints 8
Bengals 7
Colts 7
Patriots 7

Best home record
Team W-L
Broncos 6-0
Saints 6-0
Seahawks 5-0
Bengals 5-0
Chiefs 5-0

Best road record
Team W-L
Seahawks 5-1
Eagles 5-1
Chiefs 4-1
Colts 4-1
Broncos 3-1

Winning streak
Team Wins
Seahawks 6
Panthers 5
Giants 4
Broncos 3
Cardinals 3
Eagles 3

Note: The Panthers host the Patriots on “Monday Night Football.”

That the Seahawks have, and are. They not only have the best record in the NFL at 10-1, they hold a 3½-game lead over the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals in the NFC West with five games left in the regular season – including rematches with the 49ers in San Francisco on Dec. 8 and the Cardinals at CenturyLink Field on Dec. 22.

“We talked about the things where we’re strong and where we want to add to when we come back.”

The players won’t be at VMAC for regularly scheduled events this week, but Carroll wants them to continue competing.

“That’s the message – that they compete to get the most out of recuperating from the game and the rehabbing that needs to take place,” Carroll said. “Everybody’s got something that they’re working on.  And they’ve got to get their workouts in this week so that they can stay out of the mode of shutdown. We don’t want be in a shutdown mode right now.”

That includes eating well and sleeping right while they’re away.

“So when we come back we don’t have any issues,” Carroll said. “If guys go out and gain six or eight pounds, then they’ve got to lose six or eight pounds on game week. So I’m more concerned about that than anything because I want it to be a regular week of preparation that we know how to do really well.”

As for other activities, Carroll said, “That also includes being conscious that they’re Seahawks, and they take advantage of that great awareness that they represent wherever they go and what they’re doing. We don’t want any issues coming off this week. So I want everybody to handle it well so we can get right back to work.

“It was a pretty strong message in a lot of areas.”


The starting right cornerback on the NFL’s No. 3-ranked defense missed Sunday’s win over the Minnesota Vikings at CenturyLink Field, and Browner could be out awhile.

“He’s got a serious groin pull,” Carroll said. “It’s legit. It’s not just a pulled muscle. He had some tissue damage and stuff. So it’s a severe groin pull. They’re talking four to six weeks, at best. That’s a long haul here.”


“In his fourth season in Seattle, (Pete) Carroll has assembled an NFL team of his dreams - that appears nowhere close to peaking.”

Mike Silver in his “32 Questions” feature at

Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse did get a concussion when he was hit returning a kickoff Sunday, but Carroll said Kearse was feeling better today and the extended layoff should allow him to be available for the Dec. 2 post-bye game against the New Orleans Saints on “Monday Night Football.”

“He’ll have plenty of time to get well,” Carroll said.

Carroll also said that wide receiver/kickoff returner Percy Harvin was sore after playing Sunday for the first time since last November.

“He’ll benefit from the break as well,” Carroll said.


The rookie quarterback, who was released Saturday when Pro Bowl left tackle Russell Okung was added to the 53-man roster, has been signed to the practice squad. To clear a spot for the Daniels on the eight-man unit, guard Zach Allen was released.


The players are off until next Monday, when they return for workouts. They’ll begin practicing for the Dec. 2 matchup against the Saints on Tuesday, Nov. 26.