Look who’s coming to training camp: Practice 9

Posted Aug 4, 2014

A closer look at three of the 12th Man fans in the capacity crowd of 2,500-plus that turned out for Monday’s practice at the Seahawks’ Training Camp presented by Bing.

The first practice in the second full week of the Seahawks’ Training Camp presented by Bing attracted another sold-out crowd of 2,500-plus 12th Man fans who packed the berm adjacent to the practice fields at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The sun-drenched throng included one fan who loves the entire team, another who brought along two other generations of 12s and a third who has a thing for Richard Sherman.

Lea Ford

Age: “Over 50.”

From: Olympia

Accompanied by: her friends, Gwendolyn and Shawn

Fan since: “Since 1979, the day I set foot in Washington. There was a Seahawk game on and I feel in love with them.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: “You know, I’ve never been able to answer that. I love the whole team. I don’t have a favorite.”

Favorite current Seahawk: “With the current team, I have no favorite. None. I just love the whole team.” She was wearing a No. 12 fan jersey. “That’s my number.”

Favorite moment in franchise history, other than winning the Super Bowl in February: “The tip was awesome,” she said of Richard Sherman’s “Immaculate Deflection” in the end zone that was intercepted by Malcolm Smith to ice the NFC Championship game against the 49ers in January. “To me, that was better than the Super Bowl. The tip gets the credit, but it was Smith’s interception that got us (to the Super Bowl).”

Moment most looking forward to this season: “I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving game (against the 49ers in their new stadium).” When Shawn suggested the Week 3 Super Bowl rematch with the Broncos, Ford said, “Well, we have a preseason game with them (Thursday night). And unfortunately, they have this ridiculous belief that they can erase the Super Bowl. They lost. It doesn’t go away, no matter what they do.”

Carl Jaeckel

Age: 55

From: Seabeck, Wash.

Accompanied by: his wife, Debra; their son, Jeff, and daughter, Jenae; and four grandchildren, Jase, Lainie, Sophie and Brody.

Fan since: “Since we’ve been up here, 20-plus years.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Russell Wilson. “He’s down to earth. He excels at what he does, but then he also does community service. Just an overall kind of guy and easy to relate to.”

Favorite current Seahawk: Russell Wilson

Favorite moment in franchise history, other than winning the Super Bowl in February: “The NFC Championship game against the 49ers. We’re all originally from California and we beat the 49ers, so that’s good.”

Moment most looking forward to this season: “Opening day against the Packers should be really good. I’m very excited about that.”

Jennifer Mitchell

Age: 41

From: Bellingham

Accompanied by: other members of the Bellingham Seahawkers, including Derrick Watson

Fan since: “Since they started. I’m older than they are.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Richard Sherman. “Why? Because he has a mouth, and I love it.”

Favorite current Seahawk: Richard Sherman. “And he’s just a great player, too.”

Favorite moment in franchise history, other than winning the Super Bowl in February: “The tip.” When asked why, Watson stepped in to offer, “We’re Seahawkers, so we were working at the Russell Wilson Passing Academy. Richard Sherman and Russell Okung come walking down the path. We were the people that were handing out the shirts and the shoes to the kids. We’re working, so we’re really not supposed to bother them. But I was going to be slick and I had my phone out to take a picture as they walked by. Just kind of incognito. She goes, ‘Rich-ard.’ ” To which Mitchell added, “I did. I lost it.”

Moment most looking forward to this season: “Opening day. Let’s get this season going.”

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