Look who’s coming to the Seahawks’ playoff game against the Saints

Posted Jan 11, 2014

A look at three of the 68,000-plus 12th Man fans who turned out for the Seahawks’ divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field on Saturday, including a couple that was celebrating its 72nd wedding anniversary.

Dar Hawley

Age: 90

From: Renton

Fan since: “Oh golly. Probably from the beginning.”

Accompanied by: her husband, Don, and Saturday was their 72nd wedding anniversary; as well as their son, Jim; his wife, Kathy; their only grandchild, Talia; and her husband, Ryan Butler

Favorite current Seahawk: “I’m very partial to Doug Baldwin. I think he’s great, on and off the field. He’s a gentleman.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Matt Hasselbeck. “I really did like him. Then again, I think it’s the way he handled himself.”

Favorite Seahawks moment this season: “My 90th birthday, July 30. I was at (training camp) practice.”

Favorite all-time Seahawks moment: “Actually, it’s today.”

Jeff Mathews

Age: 24

From: Las Vegas. “Flew in last night and flying out tomorrow.”

Fan since: “As long as I can remember.”

Accompanied by: his sister, LeeAnn Criddle

Favorite current Seahawk: Russell Wilson. “He seems like a great human being. Not just that he’s a great athlete, but he’s everything that when I have kids that I would want my kids to live up to. So he’s a great role model.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Walter Jones. “So many to choose from, but I was always a Walter Jones fan. In my mind, the best lineman to ever play. He’s going to be a shoo-in (for the Hall of Fame). He might be one the closest to ever be unanimous.”

Favorite Seahawks moment this season: “The entire Niners’ game (in Week 2). I was here. It was a good tone. It was the first time we broke the record (for loudest crowd cheer).”

Favorite all-time Seahawks moment: “There are so many. Probably the NFC Championship game (2005). Watching it at home. Screaming at the TV.”

Felicia Weh

Age: 33

From: Renton

Fan since: “A little over a year.”

Accompanied by: her husband, Han

Favorite current Seahawk: Richard Sherman. “I love Sherman, because he backs his talk. He’s very aggressive.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Richard Sherman. “If he stays with our team, yes.”

Favorite Seahawks moment this season: “When Percy Harvin played (in Week 11 against the Vikings).”

Favorite all-time Seahawks moment: “The 2005 season, when we went to the Super Bowl. I didn’t like that we lost, but getting there was my favorite part.”