Look who’s coming to Canton

Posted Aug 2, 2014

Deneen Flowers and Cliff Schultz are among the 12th Man fan who have made the trip to Canton to see Walter Jones get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday night.

CANTON, Ohio – Deneen Flowers stood out at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Friday because she was wearing a T-shirt commemorating the induction of Cortez Kennedy in 2012.

This week, she and her husband, Cedric, are here to see Walter Jones become the third career-long Seahawk to enter the Hall.

“Why? Because my husband likes to come,” Flowers said with a laugh.

Added Cedric, “If I could have, I would have come to Largent’s, too. But I was still in high school.”

That’s because Steve Largent, who retired after the 1989 season as the NFL’s all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards and touchdown catches, was in the Hall of Fame Class of 1995.

“But we enjoyed Cortez’s induction so much we decided we had to come again to see Walter get in,” Deneen said.

Also making the tour was Cliff Schultz, who’s from Bothell.

“It’s just kind of like one of those bucket list things. I’ve always wanted to go the Hall of Fame,” he said. “I figured with Walter Jones going in, he’s a lifer Seahawk, so it would be a good year to go. And this is awesome. I’m glad I came.”

In tradition, we asked Flowers and Schultz to flaunt their 12ness:

Deneen Flowers

Age: “29. Again.”

From: Puyallup

Accompanied by: her husband, Cedric; and friends, Cindi and Jonathan Chromy

Fan since: “Since I was a kid. I used to watch Seahawks games with my grandfather.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Steve Largent. “Because he reminds me of my grandfather.”

Favorite current Seahawk: Marshawn Lynch. “I like his personality.”

Favorite moment in franchise history, other than winning the Super Bowl in February: “Sherman’s tip,” she said of Richard Sherman’s “Immaculate Deflection” in the end zone to ice the NFC Championship game and send the Seahawks to their second Super Bowl.

Cliff Schultz

Age: 39

From: Bothell

Accompanied by: his 12-year-old stepson, Branden Bird

Fan since: “Since the early 80s, when I was a little kid.”

Favorite all-time Seahawk: Curt Warner. “As a little kid growing up, he was the first guy I really kind of like latched onto. Just watching him run, if he hadn’t blown his knee out he’s probably be here.”

Favorite current Seahawk: “I don’t know. We got rid of Red Bryant and he was my favorite. So I’m looking for a new one.”

Favorite moment in franchise history, other than winning the Super Bowl in February: “Up until the Super Bowl, my favorite game was the Carolina Panthers game (for the 2005 NFC Championship). That was the loudest I can remember ever going to a game. It was amazing.”