It's NFC Championship Week

Posted Jan 17, 2014

I’m glad I have this column to express how excited I am for Sunday’s NFC championship game against the 49ers. The 140 characters of Twitter simply aren’t enough and I’m not sure the 63,206 characters a Facebook post affords will be enough.

I’m glad I have this column to express how excited I am for Sunday’s NFC championship game against the 49ers. The 140 characters of Twitter simply aren’t enough and I’m not sure the 63,206 characters a Facebook post affords will be enough.


Last week, the Seahawks held on to beat the New Orleans Saints 23-15 to earn the spot in the NFC Championship game. On game day last week, the Seahawks Twitter account reached 156,157,068 accounts. On Facebook, the winner this week was an uplifting commercial starring fullback Derrick Coleman from Duracell. The post had reached more than 2 million people within four days of being posted.

As the world’s eyes continue to focus on the Seahawks, having the positive attention from a commercial like this is a welcome relief in the sea of negativity that has overwhelmed social media this week.

Seahawks fans have proven multiple times we can not only move the earth, but also move the social media needle. Nearly 7.5 million people saw the post-game tweet announcing the NFC Championship game.

In the days since the matchup against the 49ers was announced, countless posts have been made, often with a negative tone as the NFL’s fiercest rivalry shows its fire. Wading through the personal attacks, the heated exchanges and the passion one can find some really fun showings of support for the Seahawks.

More than 90,000 people around the world have tapped in with the team. If you want to show that #ImIn, you can go to this site to show your support.

Join your fellow #12s at rallies tonight across the state. The Sea Hawkers Booster Club is bringing the thunder to local gathering spots to celebrate the opportunity ahead of the team. Here’s a full list of where to warm up your vocal cords.

Meet the #12thCrustacean

This week saw lots of amazing posts on social media. But one of my favorites was the debut of Marshawn Pinch, who resides in the Seattle Aquarium. I had an opportunity to dangle a bit of fish in front of him and coax some answers out of his shell.

Q: What are your measurements? Height, weight and position?
A: Hermit crabs can measure anywhere from one inch to four inches long and weigh from seven to 18 ounces. No surprise, I’m on the big side. My size helps me out in my position as a scuttle-back, especially when I go into Beach Mode.

Q: Who are you and where did you come from?
A: I’m Marshawn Pinch, a hermit crab and the Seattle Aquarium’s 12th crustacean. I’m from the waters of East Bay, near Oakland. After getting my sea legs playing college ball, I was drafted by the Buffalo Krills in New York. I’m no soft-shell crab, but all that snow totally knocked the wind out of my sails. I was traded to the Searocks in 2010, so I moved my shell to Puget Sound and settled in.

Q: What makes you a special kind of crustacean? 
A: I’m known for going off the deep end, into Beach Mode, and scuttling for the touchdown. I’m not fishing for compliments here, but I do know how to shell-shock the other team. No one surfs on my turf, you know what I mean?

Q: Tell us about the attitude you need to go hard in the tank?
A: I just draw a line in the sand and go for it—hook, line and sinker—and claw my way to a win.

Q: Why are the Seahawks going to win? 
A: You mean the Searocks? The 40Briners are in a sea of trouble with us. Their offense is built on sand and they’re totally in over their heads. Not on our beach, shrimps.

Q: What's better, a stiff arm or a pincher?
A: Do you even need to ask that question? How do you think I clawed my way to the top?

Q: What do you think about the 49ers? 
A: They’re a different kettle of fish. I don’t want to rock the boat, so I’m going to hide in my shell on this one.

Q: Will the Seahawks win the Super Bowl? 
A: You mean the Searocks and Fish Bowl XLVIII, right? The world is our oyster.

Q: Do you like Skittles or a different kind of food? 
A: I’ve got plenty of Skittles to tide me over. Lots of other foods float my boat too: small fish, invertebrates such as worms, plankton—and even food particles that happen to be floating past.

Q: How can the #12s come to see you? 
A: They can visit me in person at the Seattle Aquarium, right on the waterfront at 1483 Alaskan Way. They can also check out my webcam at Follow me on Twitter (@Marshawn_Pinch) and Facebook ( for the latest updates. Thanks to the #12crustaceans for surfing the wave to FishBowl XLVIII with me!

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