Game at a glance: Seahawks 40, Broncos 10

Posted Aug 18, 2013

A recap of the Seahawks’ 40-10 victory over the Denver Broncos in their preseason home opener at CenturyLink Field on Saturday night.


Jermaine Kearse. In a game of big plays, and so many plays by so many players, the second-year wide receiver-turned-kickoff-returner had the longest and also two of the Seahawks’ five touchdowns.

After the Broncos scored to make it 10-7 in the first quarter, Kearse returned the ensuing kickoff 107 yards for a TD.

“It was beautiful,” coach Pete Carroll said.

So was the route that led to Kearse catching a 12-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson for the Seahawks’ first score – on a play where Wilson had fumbled the snap.

“At first, I didn’t know that Russell was messing around with the snap and I didn’t know the ball was on the ground,” Kearse said.

The next thing you knew, the ball was in Kearse’s hands and he was in the end zone.


Defense: Peyton Manning to Ronnie Hillman, to Heath Farwell’s helmet, to Brandon Browner’s hands, to the opposite end zone. That, in a name-dropping kind of way, was how Browner recovered the Farwell-forced fumble in the end zone and returned it 106 yards for a touchdown.

“What a tremendous play by Brandon Browner, to have the wherewithal to get up and get going so quickly, and go for it,” Carroll said. “That was a fantastic play. What a thrill to watch. It was really fun.”

Special teams: Jermaine Kearse, come on down. And out, of the end zone – 7 yards deep. The second-year receiver also gets bonus points, because the last time he returned a kickoff in a game was while playing at Lakes High School.

Make that bonus-bonus points, because Kearse already has learned to make sure he thanks his blockers.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better blocking scheme that I got out there,” he said. “I definitely trust those guys. We have (Chris) Maragos, Heath Farwell, Michael Robinson, (Byron) Maxwell, you just can really count on those guys to give you the best opportunity to make a play.”

Offense: Kearse has gotten enough love, so let’s go with Wilson’s 3-yard touchdown pass to tight end Sean McGrath.

The pass first went through the hands of the defender.

“I thought he was going to pick that thing off,” McGrath said. “But it went right through his hands.”

Then, it went off McGrath’s facemask.

“It hit me square in the facemask, and went straight up,” he said. “All I was looking for was trying to find that ball. Once I got it in sight, it was a sure catch.”


Phil Bates, on the wide receiver’s first play at fullback, turned an ankle. He was in a protective boot in the locker room, but Carroll said, “He’s going to be OK.”


“I don’t remember a game like that. That was really something.” – Carroll on the combined 213 return yards by Kearse and Browner