From the sidelines: Seahawks vs Bengals

Posted Nov 1, 2011

Placing the blame for the past on himself, Carroll calls on his players to write a better future for the rest of 2011.

In the locker room after the Seahawks’ 34-12 loss on Sunday, Coach Pete Carroll pointed the finger at one person.


“We’ve got to get better,” the second-year head coach told his players. “And I’m not doing enough to help you.”

Behind lack of execution, penalties, a low-powered offense and controversial in-game decisions, the Seahawks fell to 2-5 after Sunday’s setback against the Bengals. Carroll took all the blame for the latest defeat and the team’s second straight loss, but he did not take all the responsibility from here on out.

“We’re so much better than that,” Carroll told the players. “I’m calling on you to do what you’re capable of. We’ve got what it takes. We’ve got to get right and I need you to do your part.”

Getting right will be the theme this week and into the Cowboys game after so much went wrong against Cincinnati on Sunday at CenturyLink Field. Eleven penalties for 80 yards, two turnovers, 211 total return yards and more piled up to produce a rank stench emanating from Week 8.

“It seems so hard to get right, but we must do it,” Carroll said. “And when we do, good stuff will start happening.”

With nine games remaining, the 2011 season is less than halfway through. Games aren’t won or lost in the first half, and neither are seasons determined this early. There’s still plenty of time to “get right.”

“We’ve got a long time,” the coach said as his players listened along silently yet intently. “We’ve got weeks and weeks to get better, win games and have fun. I can’t think of anything else than doing that.”

Carroll, ever a convincing salesman, continued to peddle hope following the game. He’s expecting his customers to buy in.

“Give us everything you got as long as we go,” Carroll said. “If we hang and stay together, we can do great things.”

Even with nine games left, time is ticking. The future is now. It doesn’t wait to start until next season or even until Sunday in Dallas. It started Monday and will unveil itself each passing day as the Seahawks look to rebound and get right — and get on the right track.

“As we do this, it’s got to be one day at a time,” Carroll said before calling his players together. “Let’s hang tough and keep battling.”