From the Sidelines: Seahawks at Bears

Posted Oct 19, 2010

The 23-20 win was too good, too exciting, and the Seahawks weren’t about to let the emotional high just slide by.

CHICAGO — In the locker room after Sunday’s win, Coach Pete Carroll tried to gather his team together for his postgame speech, but the elation level was simply too high. The players couldn’t hear their head coach, and Carroll couldn’t capture their attention no matter how loud he yelled or how hard he tried.

The 23-20 win was too good, too exciting, and the Seahawks weren’t about to let the emotional high just slide by.

Eventually, the players’ exuberance subsided enough for the head coach to gather their attention and pull them together for a speech, one that only served to raise the excitement level even more.

After all, the Seahawks had proven something to themselves and others on Sunday in Chicago, something that could reap big rewards as the 2010 season rolls on. Not only did they show they can win on the road, but they can beat a quality team on the road, two factors that will have a far greater impact than one uptick in the win column this weekend.

A belief was born at Soldier Field on Sunday, and watch out — it could be just what the Seahawks needed to turn this season into one to remember forever.

“We can do this,” Carroll told his team, essentially preaching to the choir. “We went into Chicago, played a 4-1 Bears team, the top team in the NFC, and won.

“I’m so proud to be a part of this team.”

It’s obvious why. The Seahawks did just about everything right on Sunday, charging to 23 points and holding the Bears to just one offensive touchdown. And to do it on the road? Even better, as winning away from home adds an extra measure of feel-good to any triumph because it takes a little more moxie to get it done.

The Seahawks took on every challenge presented on Sunday and excelled right through them.

The early kickoff time? The curse of the 10 a.m. Pacific kickoff time has been lifted, and the players knew it.

A huge away game against a tough opponent? Done and done, and it was apparent in the abundance of happy faces, hugs and high-fives after the game.

“This is what it’s supposed to feel like!” wideout Mike Williams exclaimed in the locker room.

The stats and streaks about the Seahawks’ road woes? Gone with the Windy City win.

“Do we ever have to lose on the road again?” Carroll, ever so bold, asked his team. Their response came almost immediately in the form of a bellowing “no!”

So as nice as Sunday’s win was in the moment, it might be even nicer as the rest of the season unfolds. A victory like that solidifies a team’s identity, fosters an inner belief and creates a fire that’ll writhe on.

“This was such an effort from the heart,” Carroll told his players following the game. “We are the ones who control this. It’s so powerful.”

The clock was ticking, so the Seahawks needed to act before it was too late. Losing Sunday would’ve put Seattle at 2-3, with yet another road loss in the books. Urgency existed, and it was officially instilled during the team meeting on Saturday night in Chicago.

“We’ve got to make a move,” Carroll said in the final team meeting before game day. “We came together to be champions. It’s time. We’ve got to take this step.”

The Seahawks took Carroll’s words to heart and took that step in a big way on Sunday — a step that’ll hopefully have aftereffects for the season to come.

“Wins are nice but we have to be driven by more than that if we want to be great,” Carroll said near the end of his postgame speech. “It’s got to be more than winning. It’s got to be from the heart.”