Friday in Hawkville: John Fox and the Silver Fox bring down the house

Posted Jan 31, 2014

In the final media session before Sunday’s Super Bowl game between the Seahawks and Broncos, coaches Pete Carroll and John Fox were engaging as they bantered back and forth.

NEW YORK – A recap of the Seahawks’ activities at the Super Bowl for Jan. 31, a day that started early with coach Pete Carroll appearing at joint media session with Broncos coach John Fox in Manhattan and then moved to East Rutherford, N.J., for the team’s final full practice at the Giants’ training facility:


Pete Carroll and John Fox didn’t just share the stage for the final media session before Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between Carroll’s Seahawks and Fox’s Denver Broncos; the opposing coaches did it on a stage at the Rose Theater in Manhattan on Friday morning.

And it was fitting, because they quipped and cracked their way through the 30-minute Q&A exercise like veteran showmen. All that was missing was an occasional rim shot from the orchestrate pit and a marquee out front billing them as John Fox and the Silver Fox.


“Overall, Seattle is a better team. Denver relies so much on Peyton (Manning) that if he has an average day it's not enough. And, I think the weather favors Seattle with its defense.”

Former Ravens linebacker and now ESPN analyst Ray Lewis, in predicting a 21-17 Seahawks victory

Asked what aspect of Fox’s Broncos he’d like to have for his team, Carroll offered: “We’d like to have their points.” And the Broncos did set a league record by scoring 606.

Carroll then said, “And I wish I had their altitude when our kickers are kicking.”

Asked about the fiery address former Super Bowl-winning QB and current executive vice president of football operations John Elway delivered to the team after the Broncos’ lopsided loss to the Seahawks in Week 2 of the preseason, Fox said, “John asked to speak to the team and he lit into them pretty good.” He then looked toward the NFL Network set that was broadcasting the session live and asked, “I can say pissed off on this, can’t I?”

To which Carroll injected, “John, you can’t say that.”

But the best exchange came when Fox referred to the open-heart surgery that caused him miss four week during the season as, “Really, it was like a sprained ankle. It took me four weeks. … I was back at work four weeks after open-heart surgery.”

Carroll then offered, “What a stud. He’s comparing open-heart surgery to an ankle sprain.”

Unfortunately, they won’t be here all week. This was a one-time show, and a pre-matinée matinée at that.


Carroll also was asked how “different” owner Paul Allen has been in letting Carroll be Carroll in getting the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.


The Broncos and Seahawks have been on parallel paths this season: 13-3 records during the regular season to win the West in their respective conferences; top seeds in the postseason; conference champions. But they also ranked 1-2 in point differential, even if they did come at it from opposite directions:

Team Scored Allowed Differential
Broncos 606 399 207
Seahawks 417 231 186
49ers 406 272 134
Panthers 366 241 125
Chiefs 430 305 125

“I don’t know that he’s been different, he’s been perfect,” Carroll said. “He has given us the freedom and the support at every turn to do the things that we wanted to do to make this program come around. I know (general manager) John Schneider and I are so thrilled that we have had that kind of direction and leadership that have allowed us to really take a lot of chances and be supporting in doing so.

“We really could not ask for a better guy. He’s just been incredibly right for us.”


The Seahawks will hold their Saturday walkthrough at the Giants’ facility and then stop at MetLife Stadium for a quick tour. The Seahawks played at MetLife last month, when they shutout the Giants 23-0.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee will gather in Manhattan on Saturday morning, and nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle Walter Jones is expected to be among the Class of 2014. The official announcement will be made during the NFL Honors show on FOX starting at 5 p.m. PT.