Focus on: Russell Wilson

Posted Oct 14, 2013

Regardless of how it might have looked at times, coach Pete Carroll liked what he saw from the Seahawks’ offense in Sunday’s game against the Titans – especially quarterback Russell Wilson.

After Sunday’s 20-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans, second-year quarterback Russell Wilson said that he felt in tune with the offense.

After reviewing video of the game, coach Pete Carroll concurred.

“There’s no question, he was on it. He was on every phase of it,” Carroll said Monday during his usual day-after Q&A session with the media in this unusual week where the Seahawks already are preparing for Thursday night’s nationally televised game against the Cardinals in Arizona.

“You really felt like everything was happening just the way it was supposed to. He saw everything. He could come off and tell you every single guy he needed to see and the routes and stuff like that. ... He made all the checks and adjustments. He just was on his game.”

Wilson’s numbers weren’t overpowering: 23 of 31 for 257 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions for a 98.5 passer rating. He also ran 10 times for 61 yards.

But Carroll said, and it has been obvious during his first 22 regular-season starts, that Wilson’s contributions and control of situations transcend stats.

“First off, that he’s flowing with the game and he seems in tune with what’s happening so that he can utilize the flow of the game to make good decisions,” Carroll said when asked what he does look at when it comes to Wilson. “I want to see that he’s comfortable with all the communications, he knows what’s happening, he knows what has taken place, he’s filled with the right information; knowing that if you give him the right input he’s going to go to the right places with his decision making. So that’s part of it.

“And seeing that the club is moving and things are positive and things are happening. He’s having a factor in the game. If we’re playing and he’s not factoring in, I’m talking to Bev (Darrell Bevell, the offensive coordinator and play caller) about it. You know, ‘Let’s make sure we give him some opportunities here and there.’ ”

Like in the second quarter of Sunday’s game, or the fourth quarter of the Week 4 game against the Texans in Houston.

“We wanted to get him more involved. We had run the ball quite a bit early,” Carroll said. “So it’s just feeling his involvement in the game. One, is he OK, does he have the information he needs. And then also, is he factoring into it, because if we give him a chance he’s going to factor into every football game. He seems to do that. So that’s the important thing to see and kind of forecast that it’s going in the right direction.”   

The numbers that really matter are 5-1, which ties the 2003 team for the best start in franchise history; 11-0, Wilson’s record at home, making him the fourth QB in NFL history to win his first 11 home starts; and 16-6, Wilson’s regular-season record as the starter.

And those impressive statistics aren’t even that impressive to Wilson. When asked about having never lost a game at CenturyLink Field, he said, “I don’t think about that. My goal is to go 1-0 every week.

“Obviously, I love playing at CenturyLink. There’s nothing like it. There really isn’t. The fans are unbelievable. The 12th Man is so energetic. But at the same time, I want to win on the road; I want to win at home. I don’t care where it is; anytime, anyplace. For me, it’s going 1-0 every single week. That’s the ultimate goal.”

This week, that involves traveling to the stadium where Wilson began his career 0-1 in last season’s opener.