Focus on: Max Unger's return

Posted Oct 11, 2013

Max Unger has missed the past two games, but the Seahawks’ All-Pro center will return for Sunday’s matchup against the Tennessee Titans and their multiple-look defense at CenturyLink Field.

After missing the past two games because of an upper arm injury, All-Pro center Max Unger is ready to return for the Seahawks’ game at CenturyLink Field. And just in time to help quarterback Russell Wilson and the rest of the offense decipher everything the Tennessee Titans’ defense will throw at them.

“Max had a good week. He’ll be fine,” coach Pete Carroll said after Friday’s practice at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

And Unger jumps back in against a Titans defense that is coordinated by Jerry Gray, the Seahawks’ secondary coach in 2009; but also has the aggressive fingerprints of Gregg Williams all over it. Williams, a longtime defensive coordinator in the league, has the title of senior assistant/defense with the Titans.

“This is a scheme-oriented defense, in that they do a lot of stuff,” Carroll said. “They have a lot of changeups. They do play aggressive, coverage-wise. They’re a lot of man-to-man, but they do come after you quite a bit with multiple looks that give us problems. That’s why they do it.

“So it’s been a challenging this week for the guys to get straight. We have to identify well.”

That’s where Unger’s return takes on even more significance.

“He’s a huge addition to us,” Carroll said. “Because he’s grown up with the system and with Tom (Cable, the offensive line coach), he’s a tremendous captain out there on the field for all the identification, all of the signals, all of the stuff we need.

“He has great awareness. He helps everybody around him play better. And it’s a big factor, and it’s obvious when he’s out there.”

Carroll will get no argument from Wilson on that assessment.

“Max understands the game so well,” Wilson said. “His ability to make different calls and get the line going to the right guy, basically, and all our run fits and our passing game and all that too, as well.

“He’s a tremendous football player.”

And Sunday, after missing two games, Unger will again be playing football.