Focus on: Marshawn Lynch

Posted Oct 7, 2013

After a slow start by his standards, Marshawn Lynch has moved into the third spot among the NFL’s leading rushers and there could be even more Beast Mode in this week’s game against the Titans.

Look who’s the third-leading rusher in the NFL.

It’s Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks’ Beast Mode of a running back who has been working his way up the ranks of the league’s leading rusher by the week.

After the season-opening victory in Carolina against the Panthers, when Lynch rushed for 43 yards, he was tied for 27th in the league. After adding 98 yards in the home opener against the defending NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers, Lynch jumped to No. 11. Lynch had 69 yards in the Week 3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, which kept him at No. 11.

Then came another 98-yard effort against the Texans in Houston and Lynch was No. 6. After his first 100-yard game (102) of the season in Sunday’s loss to the Colts in Indianapolis, Lynch is now No. 3 with 410 yards – behind the Philadelphia Eagles’ LeSean McCoy (514) and the Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson (421).

And, since Week 9 of the 2011 season, Lynch has run for a league-leading 2,941 yards in those 30 games.

Lynch had a career-high 315 carries last season, fifth-highest in the league. Through five games this season, Lynch has 96 carries – No. 4 in the league, and a pace that will produce 307 careers.

How much is too much when it comes to Lynch’s carries?

“I think it’s going fine,” coach Pete Carroll said Monday during his weekly day-after Q&A session with the media. “He’s in great shape. As I keep telling you, he’s handling everything. He could carry more. It’s been pretty moderate so far, just by the way the games have gone.

“But he’s been very effective. He’s been right around 100 yards (in three of the last four games) and all that’s going fine.”

Lynch’s high-carry game came against the 49ers, when he had 28 touches. He never had that many carries last season, when Lynch ran for a career-high 1,590 yards. But in 2011, he had a 32-carry game – into the Baltimore Ravens’ then-powerful defense that featured Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

There could be another 30-carry game on the not-to-distant horizon.

“I thought maybe it would be this week that he would get the ball more than he did,” Carroll said. “We’re ready to do that next week. If he’s got to get the ball 30 times in a game, he’s ready to go.

“He’s doing really well. He’s on it right now.”